Dangerous Plant

Below is a post I picked up at facebook that should be taken as a precaution.  Better safe than sorry . . .

If  you have a plant like the one in the picture, get rid of it.

This plant is very common at our houses, gardens, parks and offices (popular as indoor & outdoor plant). The plant (Dumb Cane or Dieffenbachia) is now proven to be dangerous, so, please take care!

The leaf of this plant causes itching if its sap (milk) touches your skin. But it may be more dangerous than just giving an itch . . . 

One of my friends almost lost her daughter who put a piece of the leaf of this plant in her mouth and her tongue swelled to the point of suffocation. This is one plant but there are others with the same characteristics of coloring. Those are also poisonous and we should get rid of them. Please watch out for our children. As we all leave our children at home in the hands of a nanny, we should give them a safe environment where they can play .

Name: Dumb Cane or Dieffenbachia
“This plant that we have in our homes and offices is extremely dangerous! This plant is common in Rwanda. It is a deadly poison, most specially for the children. It can kill a kid in less than a minute and an adult in 15 minutes. It should be uprooted from gardens and taken out of offices. If touched, one should never touch his/her eyes; it can cause partial or permanent blindness. Please share this warning with your friends.



2 thoughts on “Dangerous Plant

  1. We have a lot of these plants at home, in our school campuses and potted plants inside of our library. It’s easy to grow and cultivate. Very nice to see when in pots. As far I know, only its sap and leaves are poisonous. In that case, I just have to put notice not to pick up leaves of this plant. So far, no damaged has been reported.

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