RNA helps Students Stay on Track

Balloon experiment

Makati City, Philppines—RNA Learning Company held a “Mad Science” event for gradeschool and pre-school studtents in their newest branch at the YMC Bldg, Pasong Tamo Extension last February 4, 2012. Parents participated along with their children in the various learning activities presented by the company to encourage the kids to have fun while learning about science.

The first activity focused on constructing English sentences to decipher the instructions on how to create the science experiment. When the instructions were clear, the kids went on to implement the instructions which was to add baking soda to a bottle of vinegar through a balloon. The final stage was to see how the balloon was filling up with air through the chemical reaction from the combined baking soda and vinegar.

The next activity involved creating the tallest, strongest, and attractive tower make of straws through a team effort. Though the children were noticeably competitive, they had

Straw towers

also fun together.

RNA Learning Co. is an academic learning center founded on the principles of personalized, innovative and creative learning. A young company that specializes in review and tutorial programs aimed at improving academic performance, RNA was brought to life by three young enthusiastic UP graduates with a passion for a fresh kind of supplementary learning method. The race for global competitiveness has reshaped the educational requirements of young students today in terms of knowledge, skills and values. This reality has driven the founders of the company to create a new center for learning. “In this knowledge-based generation, we realized that children nowadays have need supplementary learning more than ever”, claims Armand Bunolna, one of RNA’s founders. Gone are the days when tutoring was only for the bad performers in school. Today, tutoring is slowly and gradually becoming a trend and a need to have crucial advantage for the future.

Class participation

Personalized Tutoring to Suit Every Student RNA Learning centers cater to grade school and high school students, and at times even college students who are either trying to catch up with their scholastic performance, just staying ahead, or studying to further and advance their academic skills. The Grade School Program encompasses all academic subjects. RNA’s activity-based learning style aims at strengthening the foundation skills they need that might not have been adequately provided by their school. The tutors regularly check diaries to ensure that all homework are done and all quizzes/tests have been prepared for. “It’s a tedious task for sure but it certainly helps us monitor their performance effectively” stresses Noelle Nanagas, another founding member. Given the different learning curves and styles of each student, the RNA tutors ensure that each learner is given the appropriate attention they need. This is done by thorough monitoring of their progress. Sometimes, the tutors ask learners to teach-back wherein they re-explain the lesson back to the tutor to ensure full understanding.

Awarding of the tallest, strongest, and attractive straw towers

The High School Program includes Math and Science tutorials. The level of Mathematics and Science as academic subjects has increased significantly over the past few years as we shift to a technology-intensive industry and society. Traditionally, Math and Science subjects receive little interest to the average teenagers. RNA continuously strives to present those subjects in a more interesting way. Majority of RNA’s tutors are young Science majors, capable of teaching and presenting those lessons not just properly but engagingly as well.

 An Innovative and Creative Approach to Learning

True to the innovative approach, even the tables have been specifically designed to be alternative writing boards in order for tutors to explain hands-on the lessons better, thereby effectively appealing their visuals. At RNA, learning is not confined with homework and activities. As much as possible, the students are encouraged to have fun while studying. Some of the non-traditional activities to encourage students learn includes playing review games, themed events such as Halloween Costume parades and Christmas party to name a few.

The strength of RNA programs lie with consistent learning activities that are tailor-made for their needs regardless of the school or level they are at. This strategy aims at building and fortifying the foundation of a learner’s skills (eg. Math, Language, Analytic). RNA believes that the parents also have a crucial role in the development of their children so as an additional service, the center provides consistent consultation and open communication with parents to ensure proper monitoring and to be able to provide the necessary recommendation.


Since its humble beginning in 2009 at Cityland Pasong Tamo, RNA has opened a new center (YMC Center) to cater to the growing number of learners and at the same time expand their signature system of learning. “Having more centers gives us more opportunities to expand our services” explains Raymond Kahiwat, the third founder. As you may have noticed by now, RNA stands for the initials of the names of the founding members who have a common vision of improving the competence of students, even with small steps through a fresh personalized, innovative and creative method of tutorial.

YMC Center

Unit 204, YMC Bldg, 2320 Chino Roces Ave (formerly Pasong Tamo extension), Brgy.Magallanes, Makati City 1231 310-5217

 Cityland Pasong TamoCenter

UG14 Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower, 2210 Chino Roces Ave. (formerly Pasong Tamo), Brgy.Pio Del Pilar, Makati City(in front of Don Bosco Tech. Institute Makati, beside WalterMart) 556-8642

Email: rna.learning@gmail.com / rnalearning.webs.com

Facebook: RNA Learning Co


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  1. Thanks and we hope you and the little ones had a great time! For now, have a fun-filled learning day 🙂 See you at the next RNA event!

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