Thank You Mom for Making Me Feel Like a Winner

Members of the UK Embassy and British Ambassador Stephen Lillie run on a Ceremony Sprint to start the 100 day countdown to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

With 100 days from the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games as well the approaching date of Mother’s Day, Procter and Gamble, Philippines is launching the global P&G Thank You Mom campaign.  The  biggest campaign to date in P&G’s nearly 175-year history, P&G Thank You Mom will run from now through the end of the Olympic Games.

The campaign recognizes and celebrates the moms behind the athletes by thanking moms for all they do and is founded on the insight that behind every amazing athlete is an even more amazing mom.

To mark the start of the campaign, a short film that celebrates the role moms play in raising Olympic athletes and in raising great kids titled “Best Job” was globally launched To view the film click here

So it won’t be difficult for people to join in the P&G Thank You Mom campaign, P&G  also launches the Thank You Mom digital app that allows people to thank their own moms by uploading a personalized content in form of a video or still image with caption or text-based message. Users will then be able to encourage friends and family to do the same, spreading the word to thank and celebrate moms. To view, click here.

Beginning April 18 at noon,  you can start viewing and sharing “Best Job” video link ( with friends and family. Then, go and thank your mom or a mom in your life using the new Thank You Mom app ( Hopefully this campaign will spark a movement that inspires people around the world to thank their moms.

Procter & Gamble brands Ariel, Safeguard, Pampers and Pantene are actively participating in this campaign and will have surprises in store for Filipino moms as the London 2012 Olympic Games roll out. Stay tuned for more details as the digital campaign builds momentum until the Olympic Games!

P&G Country Marketing Manager Chad Sotelo, P&G External Relations Leader Clint Navales, British Ambassador Stephen Lillie and P&G External Relations Asia Vice President Erik Jonnaert come together to mark the 100 day countdown to the 2012 Olympic Games. Procter & Gamble is a global top sponsor of the Olympics Games.

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