SUNRISE BUCKETS: Tasty Grubs at The Grove

You don’t need to be a surfer dude or a beach bum to enjoy hanging out at Sunrise Buckets at  The Grove. Young or old, business or sporty type, everyone will surely enjoy chowing down on savory, spicy chicken wings while drinking beer or margaritas and chilling with  friends.  The beach and surfing-inspired environment is what adds to its home-away from-home character.

Located along C-5 along Ortigas,, The Grove by Rockwell offers a relaxed environment that is cocooned from the rest of the busy streets of Ortigas.  As you enter The Grove, you are greeted by a refreshing sight of a misty fountain located at its main entrance. The mist that surrounds you as you enter gives you an unearthly feeling like you are entering an enchanted world. You can’t help but grin as it reminds you of ghost movies so you mockingly walk slowly as you arise from the mist like a vampire or some creature from the spirit world.  Ok, back to reality . . .

 When guests enter Sunrise Buckets , they are quickly transported into a chillaxing world as they indulge in the  fusion of the beach, buckets of wings and beer  in the middle of the city.

Even  the casual beach way of eating  is encouraged as they provide plastic gloves to use while you enjoy their finger-licking, tasty treats. Great food, service, location and good vibes are all it takes to enjoy an epic night with friends and family. Sunrise Buckets will definitely shift you on the  easy going mood in The Grove.

muddy fries and choco shake

Their menu also includes chicken burgers, spaghetti, nachos, frankfurter, cheesy fries, fish and chips, poppers, and a variety of beer selection, They are open from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm from Sunday to Monday, and 11:00 am to 12:00 mn on Tuesdays to Saturdays.  To get a taste of Sunrise Buckets, visit The Grove by Rockwell along C5, near Ortigas Avenue or call 571-8151. For more information or for reservations in Sunrise Buckets, check out or call 477-7636.

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