Johnsons Catches Up with The New Generation of Digital Age Mothers

How different is the new generation of mothers compared to those years before the digital age?  With The entry of mobile phones, internet, ipads, and other technological advancements, do mothers have it easier or are they expected to do a lot more because of these added conveniences?  These are questions that Johnson and Johnson explored to help ease today’s mom’s daily burdens by providing appropriate products that would help them as they go through family life with modern day challenges.

The New Generation of Moms today is able to balance her work, personal time and advocacies, while making sure that family is always her top priority amidst this fast-paced, digital age. She efficiently manages her various responsibilities, relying on her support system from Lola to Yaya to help care for her family and utilizing technology to keep in constant touch with the stakeholders in her personal and professional life. She is always ahead of the game, knowing the latest news and trends and shares these experiences with her friends and family.

These were the conclusions made on how the Moms of today have evolved by Johnson’s® baby, the country’s leader in baby care for over 50 years, together with Advertising Agency BBDO Philippines.

As detailed by BBDO Philippines General Manager Francine Khan-Gonzales, who helmed the study,  “We conducted an extensive study over desk research, home visits, shadow shopping and focus group discussions to know what makes these moms tick. We learned what their typical day was like, their sources of information and their advice for other Moms.”

The results of the study brought to light about this new generation of Moms can be summarized in five remarkable traits.

1.      ACTIVE SEEKER – She actively seeks new and improved ways to care for her children. She reads about the latest in nutrition, educational systems and baby products to ensure that her children always receive what’s best. She’s not afraid of challenging the traditional and is first to adopt what’s new if it is more beneficial for her family.

2.      MULTI-ROLE MANAGER – She knows that there’s more to life than being a Mom. That’s why she happily juggles her other roles like wife, entrepreneur, friend, fashionista and adventurer. She maintains her individuality while keeping in mind that her family is top priority.

3.      EFFICIENT SUPPORT SYSTEM – She lives by the saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” She relies on her support system to help care for her kids from her hands-on hubby, helpful Lolas and efficient Yaya. She does not, however, surrender all her duties and rather relies on such support to allow her to be the kind of Mom she wishes to be.

4.      EMPOWERED BY TECHNOLOGY – She uses technology as both a resource and a tool. She’s constantly on to search for new vegetable recipes or arts and crafts ideas. She shares the same information with her fellow Moms on Facebook or Pinterest. Her IPAD is loaded with videos and games to keep her kids entertained. 

5.      HIGHLY EXPRESSIVE ORIGINATORS – She takes pride in being the “first to know” and the “first to share.” She is quite discerning in her discoveries and choices for herself and her family. And when she has a great, new find, she shares with her fellow Moms, who love hearing about this.

Armed with the deep knowledge and understanding of this New Generation of Moms, Johnson’s® baby correspondingly evolved its products to address every mom and baby’s changing needs.

Host Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan

Johnson’s® baby Associate Marketing Director Rezel Aquino explains,”We stay true to our commitment to partner with every mom to give her baby only the best from Day One to Everyday. That’s why we proudly launch New Generation Care for New Generation Moms, a new line of product innovations that will empower the moms of today to care for their babies in a new gen way.”

Indeed, this is testament to Johnson’s baby’s vision to care for generation after generation of Moms and babies from 100 years back, today and into the future.

For over 100 years, Johnson’s® baby has remained Mom’s trusted partner in providing only the best care for her baby, her family and herself. Armed with scientific research and baby care expertise, Johnson’s® baby has evolved to meet the needs of generations after generations of Moms and babies. Today, Johnson’s® baby introduces a range of NEW GEN CARE products that meets the ever-changing needs and lifestyle of the NEW GEN MOM.


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