Aqiva Nutty Choco Milkshake Recipe

Here is a  healthy but yummy idea on what treat to serve your children for merienda or dessert.  They will surely love it.

PreparingNutritious Refreshments for Children! 

We all are experiencing the heat nowadays, and your little one is no exception! While most children are out and about, playing and exploring under the heat of the sun, they often crave for cold drinks that are refreshing – but not necessarily healthy, such as sodas and artificial juices and teas. These beverages are often loaded with sweeteners and do not have enough vitamins and minerals that young children need to stay healthy.

To help balance your child’s nutrition, and to keep drinks still refreshing, delicious and nutritious for your child, Aqiva recommends serving him milkshakes as a fun and healthy treat!  Milkshakes are not only cool and refreshing, they are also a sure-fire hit among kids looking for a cold break from the heat!  By adding your child’s favorite fruits, your milkshake variations are limitless and would make them want to drink more.

But more importantly, the milkshake truly becomes more creamy, healthy and nutritious by simply adding Aqiva to the recipe!  This is because Aqiva is a milk supplement formulated with Adequate, Quality and Important nutrients that help ensure balanced nutrition for children 4 years and above.

AQIVA contains more than 40 ingredients including 25 essential nutrients, to help supplement your growing child’s nutrition while you teach him healthy eating habits.  AQIVA comes in great-tasting vanilla flavor that makes milkshakes more delicious while still being healthy for children!

Aqiva Nutty Choco Milkshake

By Chef Carina Guevara

1 1/3 cup Aqiva (dissolved in water)

½ cup Chocnut (or any other milk chocolate brand)

¼ cup chocolate syrup

2 cups crushed ice

2 tablespoons sugar (optional)

Chocolate syrup to garnish

Blend all ingredients except for the chocolate syrup garnish. Pour some of the syrup on a prepared glass and pour the shake in. Serve.

Cool and Healthy Tips:

  • Do you want to add fruits to your Aqiva Milkshake?  Why not try avocados!  Simply replace the Chocnut with 2 cups ripe avocado pulp, scooped out right before making the preparation so that it won’t discolor.
  • For older kids, you can even add some sago (tapioca pearls), nata (coconut jelly) or even kaong (sugar palm) to replicate drinks from famous tea places.  Just make sure that the size of these sweets is chewable enough for your kids, to avoid choking!

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