Living Art in Picasso

The moment one alights from the vehicle to enter the Picasso,  one already feels that there is something unique about this hotel.  From the design by the entrance to the eye-catching uniform designs of the hotel staff, you can detect a certain resistance to the conventional.

Picasso is certainly not your typical boutique hotel but rather, a well conceptualized living space with an art theme that is consistent in its decors and furniture.  Stepping into its modest-sized lobby, you sense the aura of  upscale service with its museum-like ambience and the polite attention from the hotel’s staff.

After the quick registering procedure, one is led to a quaint elevator that takes you to a floor where the numbers of the rooms are part of the art,  hanging in a frame beside the door.



Then when you enter the spacious quarters, your attention falls on a desk  with decorative accents that matches the painting on the red wall beside it which  makes you feel like an art curator or connoisseur when you sit there.

The design is repeated in the bed’s cover sheets as well.  The soft and clean sheets make you want to jump into bed after a nice warm shower.

The light switch  or the lack of it at the bedside is another amusing detail.  A mere touch of the hanging light’s dangling wire by the bed opens the light to dim, bright , and off in that order once you continue touching it.

After checking out the fridge, you grab a can of juice which you consume as you unpack your luggage.  For some reason, one just has to open the television and tune in tothe news as part of the unpacking process. Should you be confused with the two television remote controls, a quick call to the concierge will enlighten you on what buttons to push.

The frosted glass walls that come between  the shower area and the bed may make you feel a bit bashful should you decide to take a bath while a friend is in the room with you. Just think of it as part of the uninhibited  experience of art and you may even be a part of the living art on the other side of the wall.  Don’t worry, you will simply appear as a splash of colors with no form.

But after you take that relaxing rain-like shower, you may never want to leave the room for a night in town.  A feeling of relaxed, almost sleepy feeling overcomes you.  You just want to grab a bag of chips and a can of soda while you tune in to the movie channel.

But if your friend insists that you should not waste a night just to sleep, you can fix your hair and make up in the spacious bathroom. It has all the supplies and amenities you need, such as a blow dryer, shampoo, body wash, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste.





What’s great, is that you have the option to cook your own meal in the room as there is a stove,  as well as a microwave to heat up your take-out food.

 Staying at the Picasso does not have to be all business, if you need time alone to work or just relax in solitude with the right comforts then Picasso is the place to be.

If one can live in a museum and be inspired by works of art that surrounds you, I think Picasso would be the closest experience to that.

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences
119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village
Makati City, Philippines 1227
T. +63 2 828.4774
F. +63 2 828.9141


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