And the Winner of tne Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Superstar is . . . .

The final day of the competition, the finalists were assigned recipes by Chef Jonathan Bautista to be followed as their final assignments. They were given 3 minutes to collect their ingredients and 45 minutes to prepare their dishes. There were 3 batches of 2 pairs on the stage at a time. Bloggers took their roles as assistants seriously.  The competition was more exciting than tense for me, and I think all the other assistant bloggers felt the same way. The pressure was mostly with the contestants who had to watch out for their methodology and interpretation of the dish.

Commediene host Winnie Cordero was a joy to be with and the audience kept laughing over her funny remarks.  The event was overall entertaining more  than it was a tense competition type.  So congratulations to Rigette Osoteo for her coconut milk dish that created a commotion earlier. This was over an exchange of plates between blogger judges and the chef judges who had the plate with the coconut shell.  The bloggers were also asked for their comments by Chef Bruce . . . which was a positive for Rigette and in the end helped her win the top award.

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