Just One Summer: Cuteness with an acceptable Cheesy Topping

I admit I didn’t expect much with this teeny bopper film but I actually enjoyed it despite the unending screams from the teenage female fans around me. First, what struck me is that teen romantic films can work without adding torrid kissing scenes or too much body contact.  I’m glad the film makers explored this formula first: focusing more on the story and the innocence of the young actors, instead of including sex and violence to sell this film.  They were able to create a commercially-viable, family-friendly film that kept away from the controversial seasonings to add attention.  There were some cheesy dialogues but it’s part of being a teen ager in love, still in character, within the framework of the story

The highlights were the team up of young upcoming stars Elmo Magallona and Julie Anne San Jose, supported by a cast of veteran actors such as Joel Torre, Gloria Romero, Cherry Pie Picache, Boboy Garovilla, and Alice Dixson.  Elmo’s acting shining moment came when he broke down as his father played by Joel Torre was in the hospital bed, apologizing to him for his behavior.  He can make the audience shed a tear. Julie Anne had her moments as well when she got into her  tearful and crying scenes.  She can sob naturally without overacting, thereby tugging at the audience heart strings whenever she does so.  Gloria Romero, Joel and Cherry Pie are so comfortable in their roles, they come off so natural.  They are no doubt actors of the highest calibre already. 

Surprise of the night for me was the acting ability of Alice Dixson.  She may have had shorter roles but the way she can act through her eyes and facial expression, she was a scene stealer as well.  She made her character stand out despite being alongside great actors such as Joel and Cherry Pie.

So there you have it, a movie with a simple story plot made entertaining with good acting performances minus the sex and violence aspect.  Even the progression to the final kiss was done with taste, the kind that mothers of young teens would accept.  They were brilliantly executed kissing scenes from the nose kiss to the window shield kiss.  For those scenes alone, I give this movie  high marks. And since the story presents good moral values as well then I definitely recommend this to be a movie for the whole family. Just One Summer is a fun, family, entertainment movie.

Just One Summer movie plot:  

A rebellious, rich boy spends the summer with his father and his mistress while waiting for the annulment of his father and his mother’s marriage. He despises his father and  has considered him long dead in his life.  During his stay for summer vacation, he gets to reunite with his childhood friend, a poor girl who lives near the father’s farm. She secretly offers to work for his father so she can save up for her enrolment, meanwhile deceiving her own father that she is a scholar. The two meet and comfort each other amidst their problems and they fall for each other as time goes on and as they get to know each other.

Just One Summer is showing in theaters nationwide.


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