Toys R’ Us Serves Healthy Refreshments with an Aqiva Milk Bar

After running around the malls and sampling toys at the Toys R’ Us Store, your kids now have a place to chill at the Aqiva Milk Bar.  So if your child starts bugging you about grabbing a drink, you don’t have to go far for an unhealthy soda or iced tea.  Right within the confines of their favorite hang out, a toy haven, is a bar or chill spot intended for them alone. The Aqiva Milk Bar serves yummy, milk-based beverage concoctions that contains the nutrition that Aqiva milk offers.

The goal is to keep children away from unhealthy treats such as Cotton candy, chocolates, candies and fried foods that are the generally kids’ favorites, but don’t provide nourishment at all.  Exposure to these treats just heightens the child’s unhealthy eating habits.

“Toys ‘R’ Us encourages health for families and kids with daily activities that include sports and play and the right diet to supplement their growing needs. “This is why we partnered with Aqiva here in Robinsons Galleria” explains Abel Tejam, Toys ‘R’ Us AVP for Brand Marketing. “Being the favourite destination of all kids while inside the mall, Toys R’ Us is the perfect venue to initiate kids to choosing healthier options. Kids can have a healthy break when they visit the Aqiva Milk Bar located at the main entrance of Toys R’ Us, Robinsons Galleria.  The Aqiva Milk Bar serves as the children’s new cool hang-out, offering them milk beverages as a healthy treat right after running around and playing inside the interactive toy store.”

“Aqiva has always believed in the importance of balancing a child’s unhealthy diet. Through this partnership with Toys R’ Us, we help parents realize that they can develop their child’s healthy eating habits even during playtime” says Carlo de la Paz, Senior Product Manager of Wyeth’s Aqiva. There are a lot of healthy choices for snacks that are convenient and nutritious for kids, and this includes milk.   The Aqiva Milk Bar gives the opportunity for parents to educate their kids that milk can be a fun and healthy refreshment. With Aqiva, moms are assured that their children can still get balanced nutrition, despite unhealthy eating choices. Whether exposed to unhealthy food, or engrossed in their all-day play, children may still get the complete nutrition they need with the help of Aqiva.”

Aqiva is a nutrient-enriched milk supplement designed to help fill the nutritional gaps of children 4 years and older. It is formulated with Adequate, Quality and Important (A.Q.I.) nutrients that help ensure balanced nutrition. AQIVA contains more than 40 ingredients including 25 essential nutrients, to help supplement a growing child’s nutrition while parents teach him healthy eating habits.  AQIVA comes in great-tasting vanilla flavour, making it delicious and healthy for children!

For more information on Aqiva, parents may call the Wyeth Careline at 81-WYETH (81-99384) for Metro Manila, and 1-800-10-884-2222 (toll-free) for provinces.   Parents may also log on to


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