BPI Becomes Friendlier with Facebook

Bank of the Philippine Islands  (BPI) takes banking to the next level by becoming Facebook friendly.  We all know that banks are basically secretive, where information is on a need-to-know basis only. They are always guarded when giving out information.  It’s just how it has always been.  But by opening a Facebook account and being interactive with their clients, BPI has decided to break tradition to be more helpful and friendlier to their clients.

BPI launches its newest game-changing innovation called BPI Bankers Online, an app that promises to make getting financial advice easier for Filipino Facebook users.

Improving financial literacy in the country is BPI’s goal by reaching out to the more than 27 million Filipinos on Facebook. Through the app, BPI encourages these users to become more aware of their financial health and to seek the expert advice offered by the bank’s pool of friendly and knowledgeable bankers.

“We have seen that the use of social media has become an integral part of Filipinos’ everyday lives; we are in fact among the top users in the world. Launching this app, we envision that BPI Bankers Online will democratize expert financial advice and lead Filipinos to financial wellness with BPI as their adviser and partner. We have made ourselves available via Facebook, not just to listen but also to give advice to help you reach your financial goals,” shares Ms. Carmencita Gozar, VP and Brand BPI Division Head.

With the app now on Facebook, Filipinos are not limited by having to physically visit a branch. Users can go online to ask and get tips on wise money management, growing their wealth, responsible borrowing and other financial concerns. The app also features a connection to BPI’s help desk for customers with account-related inquiries and other customer service concerns.

BPI SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Josephine Ocampo shares, “With the bank’s 161 years of serving the Filipinos, BPI continues to move into the future to reach out to more Filipinos, beyond the walls of BPI. We really encourage everyone to talk to us via BPI Bankers Online, connect with the banker of your choice and ask your questions in order to get the advice that you need. The BPI Bankers Online app promises so much potential for the future of online banking.

To know more about BPI Bankers Online, please visit and like https://apps.facebook.com/bpibankersonline/.

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