Careers of the Future, Selecting the Right College Courses Today

CHED representatives along with DLSU officers during the National Graduate Tracer Study Press conference at DLSU

Funny how jobs and careers seem to have  trends that shift after every  few years.  A decade ago, nursing was the top career choice, then after several years the call center  industry became the sunshine industry, who knows which industry will be the next one to get its fame and fortune?   What happens to those who opted to take courses for industries that are now not that lucrative anymore or already overpopulated?

The Commission on Higher Education or CHED is focusing its efforts to provide a good match between jobs and employees.   But how can they do that effectively? They  are in the process of  developing and distributing a survey for 2006-2010 college graduates that will help indicate future trends of preferred careers of  students and the available market for their services. What if we have too many doctors and not too many jobs available? What if demand was so little but we have a huge supply of accounting talents or lawyers? Or what if we have a huge demand for IT services but not enough graduates to fill the need?  In both cases, the results would be a big negative.

So the first step is for CHED  to accomplish a NATIONAL GRADUATE TRACER STUDY with a target survey respondents of 58,000 to get a good sampling. Here is where we can all help, encourage friends and relatives who  are College graduates of 2006 to 2010 to  acconplish a 10-minute online survey.  Just tell them to click on this link and answer the survey,  For more information about the survey, please refer to, and “like” as well, their facebook page at

If you have kids who will be entering college soon and they can’t decide what course to take, here is a list of  industries that will be needing manpower and may be offering better income than the others.

National Graduate Tracer Study 2012

20 Disciplines

Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries Architecture and Town Planning

Business Administration and Related Education Science and Teacher Training

Engineering and Technology

Fine and Applied Arts


Home Economics


IT-Related Disciplines

Law and Jurisprudence


Mass Communication and Documentation


Medical and Allied

Natural Science

Religion and Theology

Service Trades

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Trade, Craft and Industrial

A group shot of the speakers with the bloggers at the University Hotel of De La Salle University September 10, 2012

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