The King and I’s Amusing Performance . . . Etcetera, Etcetera

Theater shows have just been getting better and better.  “The King and I”  of  Resorts World is yet another magical theater viewing experience.  How can it not be, with veteran performers of Miss Saigon taking the lead, Leo Valdez and Monique Wilson,  plus a grand set design with eye-catching costumes.  Hearing the actors deliver their quirky dialogues in an exquisite Thai accent  is  a sure smile keeper which will stay on until the end of the play.

The smiles didn’t start  when the show began, it started further back when Resorts World Manila (RWM)’s funny  Scottish EVP, Steve Reilly,  gave his opening spiel.  He was narrating about the beginnings of  theater planning  in the company while poking fun at the attempts of the two other RWM heads  who tried their hand at producing.  He jokingly claimed that he had to fire them and adviced them to hold on to their day jobs instead.  After a funny introductory spiel, the two official were revealed and they were no other than David Chua, Genting Group Chairman, and Kingston Sian, RWM  President.   During their spiel, they gamely followed the advice and asked their boss, Mr.Andrew Tan, Megaworld President, if they could still keep their day jobs.  And that  sealed the mood for an enjoyable evening at the Resorts World Manila.

Guests were treated to an extravaganza of colors in set and costumes presented in this Rodgers and Hammerstein classic. Theatre legend Leo Tavarro Valdez portrayed the character of ‘King Mongkut’ of Siam very convincingly as if he wasn’t Filipino at all. I just couldn’t stop smiling when Leo Valdez delivers his accented lines and acted out the larger-than-life ego of this clueless character.  The nuances and behavior were so believable that you really felt the pain when the realization hits and his ego breaks.

‘Anna’ was naturally and perfectly portrayed by stage icon Monique Wilson. The prolific performances of its all-talented cast, including the refreshing duet of budding young actors Anton Posadas and James Gabriel Ketcher, who plays ‘Prince Chulalongkorn’ and ‘Louis Leonowens’ respectively, were stand outs as well.

Other highlights of the show include the complete set of costumes designed by Aksana Sidarava and fashion icon Rajo Laurel, the grandiose stage design, the bewitching dance interpretation of The Small of Uncle Thomas by The  Philippine Ballet Theater and the haunting live musical score of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Rodel Colmenar.

The Premiere Night was held last September 14, Friday evening, at the state-of-the-art Newport Performing Arts Theater. The by-invitation event was attended by VVIPs from various private and public sectors together with distinguished media personalities and members of the press.

Tickets are available at the Resorts World Manila Box Office and all TicketWorld outlets. For inquiries and information on available show schedules, visit or call the Tourist/Visitor Hotline at (632)836.6333


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