Full Moon Treats


Celebrate the Mooncake Festival in SM City North EDSA! Relish SM City North EDSA’s Mooncake offerings that marked exquisite mooncake creations while mixing tradition with innovation.

To set your mood for the Mid-Autumn Festival, here are the delicious mooncakes you don’t want to miss!


Annex 2F, 332-9104

Apart from the diverse and exquisite flavours, the mooncakes from President Tea House also stand out with their gorgeous packaging.  If you are looking to pamper yourself or your loved ones, these mooncake offerings are perfect for you! Buy 4 pieces for P448 only or a single piece that also comes with a tin can for P108.


The Block 2F

Hailing from the famous bakeshop haven, Breadtalk, these mooncake collection are exquisitely packaged into three elegant boxes. Offering the Premium with 6 pcs per box, the Classic with 4pcs per box, and the Mini with 4 pcs per box. Breadtalk’s mooncake collection comes in different flavours namely white lotus, taro lotus, pandan, black sesame, sweet potato, green tea, taro mung bean, green tea pastry skin, macadamia with lotus, german black forest pastry skin, tiramisu, pure lotus, oriental pearl pastry skin, and espresson chestnut pastry skin.


Annex UGF, 441-2539

Hap Chan Teahouse is a showcase of the superior food quality and friendly neighborhood service of the authentic Hong Kong Tea House.

Their sweet offerings come in an elegant form of square mooncakes so you can be sure that there is enough of this melt-in-the-mouth pastry to go around! Their traditional flavored mooncake, lotus with egg, cost P100 per piece and P370 per box of four pieces.


City Center UGF booth

Fall in love with Northbound’s classic round and square mooncakes which are packaged into a beautiful Chinese tin box. These traditional mooncakes will surely not be forgotten.


The Block 2F, 4124360 / 7426357

Polland has been a favorite and is the only choice of Hopia aficionados. But more than that, Polland yearly brings out their traditionally-made mooncakes with an assortment of flavours like yellow mango, black mongo, lotus seed, and ube. This is a perfect gift to buy for your loved ones and friends for only P399 for 4 pcs.


Foodcourt LGF

Enjoy these delicious treats as part of a Chinese tradition! Get the limited edition mooncakes from Salazar’s Bakery at the foodcourt. It comes individually packed, or you may also buy a 2-piece and 4-piece package in a box.


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