Maximize children’s Multiple Intelligences for Leadership

 Press Release:

Parents can develop and maximize their children’s multiple intelligences by giving them opportunities to learn in their own way and realize their unique inner genius, said Dr. Thomas Armstrong, internationally renowned learning and intelligence expert.

Dr. Armstrong recently visited the Philippines to give a two-day lecture at the Superkids 2012 Conference at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City. The conference was sponsored by Progress Pre-School Gold.

He presented his multiple intelligences theory to parents, guardians, teachers, and students, so that they can apply the concept of multiple intelligences at home and in school.

The award-winning expert shared his principles through such topics as “Exemplars of Best Schools (Early Childhood to High School),” “The Power of Neurodiversity,” and “Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom.”

Dr. Armstrong said “children are born with the capacity for all different types of multiple intelligences, which develop in stages of growth in different kids through a lifetime.” He also added that “Parents must be open to multiple intelligences to allow the child to discover how he can learn best.”

As an advocate of developing multiple intelligences in children, Wyeth’s Progress Pre-School GOLD with its Gold Biofactors System supports mental and visual development, physical growth, digestive health, and immunity development to help children to always stay ahead. “We are grateful to have an expert like Dr. Thomas Armstrong to explain Multiple Intelligences and how this theory can help enhance the performance of children,” said Rachel Tongson, Progress Pre-school GOLD Senior Brand Manager.

Aside from Dr. Armstrong’s discussion on multiple intelligences and lectures from other invited speakers, participants of the conference also had access to the activity booths which featured Progress Pre-School GOLD’s Little Leaders Caravan. The Little Leaders Caravan featured educational activities for the kids in cooperation with Nickelodeon Jr. and Gymboree Philippines.

For inquiries, please call Wyeth Careline at 81-Wyeth (99384) or the provincial toll-free number 1-800-10-884-2222.


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