P&G e-Studyante Aims to Provide 1Million Laptops to Public schools by 2035

Procter and Gamble Philippines, in collaboration with Robinsons Supermarket, re-launched the e-studyante program at Oranbo Elementary School  last October.  The  e-Studyante program, now on its second year, is a long term e-learning advocacy that will provide the faculty and students of Oranbo Elementary School with 150 laptops. More than simply competence on how to use the laptops, the students will be equipped with the skills that can complement their traditional learning processes in the school.

The program was developed to equip intermediate public school students with technological skills that can help them become more competitive in the future. By providing access to technology and the internet, the students can enhance their classroom learning experience and amplify their learning. With the right education and guidance for the use of these tools, the children can optimize their lessons and ready themselves for the future.

Through purchase of e.Studyante packs at a Robinsons Supermarket nearest you, you become a partner in  making a difference tomorrow. Who knows, these students may be your children’s partners in creating a better future, or they can someday help your own kids in their endeavors.

“Robinsons Supermarket is a vital partner in the e.Studyante program because they help us give back to the community,” Jia Salindong, e.Studyante Brand Manager added, “this partnership can help us realize a shared vision to assist in the Filipino education.” Robinsons Supermarket has been a stalwart in the betterment of the quality of life for the country, and it is this philosophy that parallels Procter & Gamble’s own vision to improve lives more completely.

During the Q&A, Robinsons Supermarket Senior Marketing Manager Marivi Flores mentioned “Robinsons is the strongest conduit for the people, we make P&G products readily available.  More sales, more products, more laptiops.  It’s a responsibility for everyone to help with the program, not just Robinsons or P&G.”

Clint Navales,  Country Communications Head of P&G explains,“We don’t wait for products to sell before we donate laptops.  E-studyante is not the usual CSR programs, but a real commitment for the students.”

When asked about the care and maintenance of these laptops for longer usage,  P&G will provide regular IT check up and maintenance replies Navoles.  Though he wants the students and teachers to take good care of these equipments, he also wants them to make good use of them instead of being too careful and barely using them. “We want to harness the students’ curiosity and restlessness instead of controlling it,” Navoles adds.

With the addition of these valuable equipment  to the school, Oranbo Principal Emma Macasiray took the opportunity to request additional security from Mandaluyong Mayor Eusebio who attended the event

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