Nation Building links Teach for the Philippines with UBS Optimus Foundation

SAM_9873Most companies commit to a short-term advocacy for their PR efforts to yield instant results with limited overhead costs.  That wasn’t the vision of UBS  Optimus Foundation as they preferred the longer road to a more permanent result.  Instead, the foundation committed a substantial grant  of CHF 1 million of over 5 years to support Teach for the Philippines’ (TFP) cause of promoting educational equality. This collaboration will help TFP, formerly Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation, fund a leadership program which trains high-potential leaders to teach at some of the Philippines’ high need schools.

TFP will recruit and train promising university graduates and young professionals from the Philippines to invest two years of their lives developing their own potential through teaching at one of the Philippines’ public schools nationwide.  The UBS Optimus Foundation grant will go towards funding TFP’s training program and support professional development activities.  TFP is inspired by Teach for All, a successful global program that has been empowering the world’s most promising young leaders to transform their nations through education, working to ensure children who live in poverty to have access to good education.

“Our donations come entirely from UBS clients and employees.  All the administration and wage costs are covered by the UBS, which means that 100% of every contribution goes to the projects.  And we take it as our responsibility to ensure that the funds entrusted to us are used to maximum effect.  Over the years, we hanave supported 245 projects in 75 countries,”states Phyllis Constanza, UBS Optimus Foundation CEO.

UBS Optimus Foundation has supported children in the areas of health, education, and child protection with innovative, cost-effective initiatives that impact lasting benefits since 1999.  It is a part of UBC’s dedicated philanthropic support to its clients globally.

“Transformation takes time.  We want a change that will last as the core of our institution is built to last.  This generation is building the roots for the next generation.  It is always best to take the long term route as this is really a transformational change that is lasting,” answers Andreas Reber, UBS Managing Director, when asked why the company agreed to a long-term advocacy.

Teach for the Philippines aims to respond to the country’s resource gap and to aid in the transitionto a K-12 education cycle by placing the most promising young graduates and young

professionals in the nation’s high-need public schools so that they may understand the root problems in education and poverty.

“We are collaborating closely with the Department of Education to enhance the programs which will develop the potential of teachers within the Philippine public education system.  Our shared technical expertise provide systematic feedback on the program’s implementation and performance,” explains Lizzie Zobel, Teach for the Philippines Board Chairman.



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