Fun and Memorable Theme Parties with Max’s

SAM_7323SAM_7321Most parents celebrate the yearly birthday celebrations of their children but that can get quite exhausting just planning and thinking of fun ways to party.  Now Max’s Restaurant wants to take that burden off their backs by offering birthday theme party packages that are not only entertaining but educational as well.  So not only do the children take home yummy loot bags, fun memories, but also something more—learning how to bake, draw, or just learning the concept of teamwork.

What makes Max’s party packages different is that they  actually practice what the theme entails or offers. For instance, if the chosen theme is Junior Master Chef party then the kids are taught how to bake their own crinkles and decorate their own cupcakes individually while teamwork entails cooking an omelette after a relay of tossing raw eggs.

The concept is taken seriously with the children learning from the experience.  There is hands on baking and cooking which gives added pride to both child and parent when a pastry or dish is accomplished.  The child gets to take home the apron, chef hat, and cooking mitts as well as their personally baked crinkles and designed cupcakes, if they don’t get tempted to gobble it up right away.  It is a  guaranteed fun experience for the kids.

Max’s presently offers  four theme packages which are: Junior Masterchef (learn the basics of cooking), Princess Palace (the royal treatment for your little girl), Super Racer ( a thrilling race party your little boy  ) , and Junior Art Master (an arts and crafts party).

For more information, visit their website at


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