Restore Gum Health in a Month with Oral B’s latest Technology

SAM_0856It’s a constant challenge to find ways to cut costs especially with family life.  Dental services have become a luxury as costs are beyond affordable to most. Not to disregard the importance of visiting the dentists but rather to find alternative ways to prevent unnecessary visits, Oral-B re-designs its toothbrush to improve its cleaning abilities.

The Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Toothbrush was created to remove up to 93% hard-to-reach plaque with the new Pro-Flex technology:  two flexing sides to reach difficult plaque areas. Unlike ordinary toothbrushes, this latest Oral-B product has flexible sides that individually adjust to teeth and gums to clean areas where plaque growth begins. Individual Pro-Flex sides with Criss-cross bristles adapt to the contours of the mouth for superior cleaning while remaining gentle on teeth and gums.  Clinically proven to remove 67% of plaque along gum lines, this new Oral-B technology improves gum health in 4 weeks.

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