Intelligence: Not just IQ Based

Press Release:

Develop Classroom Achievers through the Multiple Intelligence Theory

Multiple Intelligence, a new model of thinking in which intelligence is no longer limited to just IQ, is already being adapted and being integrated in the curriculum of modern schools, according to renowned learning expert Dr. Thomas Armstrong.

“With this new model of thinking, in which intelligence is not limited to IQ, children have a better chance of being achievers in and out of the classroom.” Dr. Armstrong said.

The theory of Multiple Intelligence acknowledges that a child’s intelligence is multi-faceted. Some would be people-smart or having the skill to deal with other people. Others would be body smart exhibiting excellence in athletics and sports, while there are  some who are brain-smart, which is the most recognized (and often misconstrued as the only) form of intelligence.

In the recent 2012 Superkids Conference, co-sponsored by Progress Pre- School GOLD, Dr. Armstrong expounded on this theory and shared various ways it can be incorporated in learning to ensure a child’s optimal development.

“We are all born with the capacity for the 7 types of Multiple Intelligences- self, people, picture, logic, music, body, and word, but certain intelligences develop in different ways, and some at certain points of a child’s life,”  Dr. Armstrong explained.

Going beyond IQ and Academics

While most schools have a strong emphasis on the academics, the multiple intelligence theory encourages learning institutions to strengthen their support and exposure to other intelligences such as music, sports and the arts in the early years.

With the introduction and application of the Multiple Intelligences theory in schools, certain topics can be customized and taught based on the child’s key Multiple Intelligence thus making it easier for students to understand the lessons.

 Dr. Armstrong also pointed out that even though everyone is born with Multiple Intelligences, there will always be inclinations towards certain intelligences.

He explains that keeping an eye on these things may give parents an early indication of their child’s Multiple Intelligence and for teachers to properly plan the best method to effectively teach their lessons. By knowing a child’s multiple intelligences, learning will be much faster and easier for children, Armstrong added.

Nutrition is Crucial in Child’s Development

According to Dr. Armstrong, nutrition also plays a crucial role in the development Multiple Intelligences. Thus, Dr. Armstrong advises parents to always ensure that children are given superior nutrition that will completely support their holistic development and ensure their success in the classroom.

Progress Pre-School GOLD, a staunch supporter of parents who want to equip their children with tools that will allow them to succeed in the future, contains the Gold Biofactors System, a unique synergy of nutrients scientifically designed to work together to support a child’s multi-dimensional development.

For inquiries, please call Wyeth Careline at 81-Wyeth (99384) or the provincial toll-free number 1-800-10-884-2222.


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