Olay Highlights Beauty That Transcends Skin Deep Level

SAM_2553ISAM_2579n an elegant event held at the White Space in Pasong Tamo last February, Procter and Gamble Philippines launched their new and improved anti-ageing Olay Total Effects and Regenerist range of products in a tribute to women.  “Olay Conversations” is a series of web episodes (a.k.a. webisodes) with celebrity host Boy Abunda having an intimate, no-holds-barred conversations and interviews with some of the country’s most beautiful women.

Olay ConveSAM_2511rsations features remarkable, fearless women who have gone through exceptional experiences which many other women can relate to, and shows how these women faced them with extraordinary courage, strength and beauty.  Guests at the premiere witnessed candid, raw accounts by Denise Laurel and Mons Romulo about their experience which the brand believes will inspire other women to discover their own physical and inner beauty in their personal experiences.SAM_2583

These group of women explained how they overcame the trials that made them a better person in the end.  Their beauty is a combination of the physical plus the inner confidence and grace after arising from a crisis . Such experiences added another element to their beauty.  These women allowed themselves to be vulnerable as they opened up to the public and generously shSAM_2586ared their life’s hurdles for the public to learn from and be inspired. We admire them for their bravery.

Olay launched  new and improved anti-ageing products to combat the ever-changing and stressful times which cause women’s skin to age faster than before.   Changes in lifestyle and societal trends, globalization, financial pressures, relationship and career stress have resulted in an upsurge in stress levels with a significant impact to skin ageing.  As skin ages and its cellular SAM_2561energy decreases, it also diminishes its stress-response ability, its metabolism, and women see a slowed response to anti-ageing treatments.


SAM_2502Justin Lladoc, Olay Brand Manager, explains, “We have launched the upgraded Olay ranges which have Olay’s highest-ever level of anti-ageing ingredients to help women challenge what’s possible in anti-ageing and be their ally in fearlessly facing all the stress and challenges that come their way.”



Actress Denise Laurel is Abunda’s first guest, who spoke about an unplanned pregnancy that threatened her acting career just when she was at her peak.  “I knew getting pregnant was teaching me something.  It was teaching me to be an adult,” Laurel tearfully but bravely told Abunda in the webisode.  She shared the difficult decisions she had to make at the time, and the trust and support she received from the family who expected her to always “be the best.”  Laurel now lives with simple gratefulness, to which she credits her constant glow.  “It’s because I’m complete.  I am so thankful for what I have and treasure that even more now.  Everyone accepted me and I accept myself,” she smiled.

In the second webisSAM_2506ode, Mons Romulo bares the pain she went through at the end of a 21-year marriage.  “I thought I was the ugliest person in the world.  My self-esteem was so low,” she recounts to Abunda.  The webisode is riveting; Romulo’s narrative takes the viewer through difficult emotions even while she shared them with grace and composure.  She claimed her strength at the end of her ordeal, “I knew myself already.  I knew I could take anything the world throws at me.  I have no more fears.”  When complimented by Abunda on her beauty, she replies, “I am beautiful because of the pain I went through.  I am taking care of myself better now because I’m much happier today than I ever was before.”SAM_2530

Bea Alonzo, Crickette Tantoco and Priscilla Meirelles were also present at the premiere. Viewers can watch Olay Conversations trailers and full episodes on www.youtube.com/OlayPH.

“For several decades, Olay has been the ally of women no matter what age.  Olay recognises that every woman faces dauntless challenges, adversities and ever-changing needs in every life stage,,” says Lladoc. “WSAM_2521e want to help them meet these needs and lessen their fears and worries because they can count on the best products innovations with accelerated and long-lasting results.  We hope we can help women face anything life has to offer and inspire them with the stories on Olay Conversations” Llladoc explains.

Breakdate (Every Sunday)

Actual Episode

In-between Episode

Olay Regenerist: Mons Romulo

Feb 17

Feb 24

Olay Total Effects: Denise Laurel

Mar 3

Mar 10

Olay Regenerist: Crickette Tantoco

Mar 17

Mar 24

Olay Total Effects: Bea Alonzo

Mar 31

Apr 7

Olay Total Effects: Priscilla Meirelles-Estrada

Apr 14

Apr 21

Episodes can also be viewed on olay.com.ph, which features the brand’s new e-commerce capability so women can now conveniently purchase products online and find out more about the different Olay products available for every skin type.

Availability and Pricing

Olay Regenerist and Olay Total Effects products are available at olay.com.ph or at leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide.

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Day Cream with SPF 15 – Php 749.00, 50 g.

Olay Total Effects Anti Ageing + Fairness Cream with SPF 15 – Php 749.00, 40  g.

Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream – Php 1,399.00, 50 g,

Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum – Php 999.00, 50 ml

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream and Lash Serum Duo – Php 1399.00, 10ml, Watson’s.

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