Krispy Kreme Monsters University Doughnuts

SAM_8075Meet and Eat Krispy Kreme‘s latest creations, characters from the mSAM_8079ovie, Monsters University:

Mike Doughnut , Sulley doughnut, Randy doughnut, Terry Terri doughnut, Art doughnut, and Squishy doughnut.

These class of doughnuts, along with their matching delicious chillers, will be available until July 31 only.  So rush to the nearest Krispy Kreme for a bite or chomp of these confectionary indulgence.

SAM_8082Monster University round of Chillers:

Randy Berry Cheesecake – a blue lemonade mixed with blue berries and a shot of milk

Mike Sour Kiwi – a lemonade with a kick of kiwi fruit

SAM_8070Sulley Sour  Lychee – a blue lemonade jerked with Lychee

Terry and Terri Orange Punch – a pineapple-orange drink punched with grenadine



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