Daniel Padilla’s True Love . . .

SAM_8788SAM_8811It’s none other than his mom, Karla  Estrada,  . . . and Lily. Now here is a campaign that will make you go aaaawwww, that’s so sweet.  Not only does it make Daniel more loved but it also strengthens Lily’s peanut butter’s brand character of being sweet and loving.  By taking the other route and highlighting a mother and son love instead of the usual romantic love, the brand capture’s the heart of mothers and focuses on a more permanent kind of love. I think it is refreshing to see a mother and son show their love and affection, even in subtle ways.  It doesn’t matter because mothers and sons understand how deep that love and bond really is, unbreakable.  That’s the best relationship you can match with a brand . . . a permanent, unbreakable one.

SAM_8814Over the past 60 years, Lily’s Peanut Butter has grown to be a traditional staple of Filipino households.Made with all-natural ingredients, Lily’s Peanut butter has a distinct sweet-creamy taste well-loved by Filipinos. And with Zero Cholesterol and Zero TransFat, it has won, not just the palates, but the hearts of its loyal consumers.

Recently, the company has introduced Coco Jam, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Crunchy Peanut butter to cater to the new generation. So in line with this, the company celebrates by bringing in mother-and-son tandem of Daniel Padilla and mom Karla Estrada as endorsers. The brand has brilliantly strengthened its communication of being a heritage brand with a love not just temporary or flimsy, but a love built on trust and that will never go away.

SAM_8810The campaign is all about the bond people share whenever they experience a love that you can only find with someone you’ve known for a long time. A love that’s walang katulad or like no other.


So I asked . . . what was the best lesson learned so far by Daniel Padilla from his mom?  And what was the proudest achievement of Daniel for his mom, Karla Estrada?

with Matriarch Dona Lily



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