Dinner and Cocktails with Mark Lankester and the Filipino Apprentices

SAM_9063SAM_9008One of the great things about being a blogger is meeting and getting inspired by interesting personalities.  Among these personalities include Mark Lankester, CEO of Tune Hotels Group and one of Tony Fernandez’ show advisors, with Celine Le Niendre and Jonathan Yabut, the Filipino apprentices of The Apprentice Asia television show on AXN.  The bloggers had a chance to have an intimate interview with them over dinner as well as watch an episode of The Apprentice Asia alongside them. The event was held at Dilingers, Greenbelt last July 3, 2013.

SAM_9020The warm and friendly Mark Lankester began by welcoming the guests with a short speech before he joined us in our tables to answer questions.  He made us feel comfortable asking questions that we went on and on until it was time to watch the show. In summary, he explained what the show was all about, how it all started, how the apprentices were selected and how they  performed, as well as how the show is different from the American version.

Celine and Jonathan explained what it was like working with the other nationalities, how they had to keep their silence to family, friends and co-workers about being selected for the show, how they had to deal with backstabbing and annoying team mates without revealing much about the show.

SAM_9018The episode featured an emotional moment with Celine, which still affected her as she watched the show.  Everyone in the room cheered for her for standing her ground despite the criticisms, even Jonathan announced that she was the most sincere person in the show and that the others didn’t know her well enough to say that she wasn’t.

SAM_9031Based on the Trump version, we all know it would be a tough show where the apprentice’s soul and character would be tested for the sake of the bottomline.  Friendships would be tested as the day of reckoning will have everyone saving their skins by selling each other out. When it comes to business, emotions and feelings are just liabilities. Results and profits are all that matter. Keeping this in mind, you can understand what the show is all about. Perhaps that is what makes the show interesting,  testing human frailties and weaknesses  to the maximum where profit is the goal and relationships don’t really matter unless it could be used to progress to the goal.  This show highlights the nature of the business world, which is a rat race and a dog-eat-dog world.

The Apprentice Asia is the regional adaptation of the US reality series based on the format created by reality TV guru, Mark Burnett and produced by Freemantle Asia. The face of the show is aviation tycoon and Forbes Asia’s 2010 “Asia Businessman of the Year, Tony Fernandes, known for turning around ailing airline AirAsia and breaking even within a year of taking over.  The 12 candidates from around the region will vie for the honor of becoming Aisa’s very first Apprentice with the opportunity to work for Tony in one of his enterprises.

SAM_9039Support our Philippine apprentice by tweeting as much as you can with hashtags  # AACelina #AAJonathan #apprenticeasia  The first Apprentice Asia was brought to you by Air Asia and Tune Hotel.  Catch the Apprentice Asia every Wednesday at 9pm first on AXN.  The winner will be revealed during the final episode on July 31.


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