My Rusty Laundrywashing Experience

SAM_9933Laundry washing is a chore I don’t mind doing at all. I mean how hard is sorting clothes, pouring detergent and fabric conditioner then pushing buttons.  It’s one of the easiest household chores there is.  I didn’t realize the ease of using a washing machine until I worked abroad, where I had to do my own laundry.  In the Philippines, I didn’t have to bother myself with laundry because we had help to do those kinds of tasks along with cleaning, cooking, ironing and the rest.  So faced with stacking up of dirty clothes and not enough clean ones to wear, I had to face laundrywashing head on in a foreign country.  Patience is one of the traits I had to develop as I had to share the landrywashing machine with others.  I eventually got excited with the choices I had of good smelling laundry powder and fabric conditioner.  I loved wearing sweet smelling clothes and lying on sweet smelling beddings.  Ironing is another story though, which needless to say is my least favorite chore.

SAM_9932So what have I learned about laundry washing, aside from the fact that there are designer perfume scents of laundry wash to choose from?  First, I learned that if you don’t use the right amount of soap for the load of wash you stuffed in your washing machine, the clothes will stink.  Lesson number two, i learned the hard way that you can’t wash all colored and whites at the same time to save time.  I painfully had to stop using my whites that have patches of colors that couldn’t pass off as designs. Third, when the clothes have labels that say “for handwash only”, believe it and don’t even try to put it in the washing machine unless you want it tattered.  Fourth, there are stains that are almost impossible to remove so you need the help of zonrox, calamansi, or vinegar to help you out.  You will have success in most cases, but in the others, you will have torn material and some bits of stain yet.  So next lesson, use zonrox bleach sparingly and with caution.  When it comes to rust stains, you can apply calamansi directly on the stain for a few minutes before washing. Hopefully, there will be rust no more.

SAM_9910For beginners and slightly above beginners in the laundry washing division like me,  you can take short cuts with learning lessons by getting yourself an Electrolux Time Manager Wasing Machine.  Just push the right buttons and you’re good. With this hardworking, and economical machine around,  you can eradicate your rusty experience and move on to the professional level right away.  So  here’s more information before you run out and get one. . . .

Launched by leading home appliance brand Electrolux, the new Time Manager front load washing machine makes washing less of a chore.

The Electrolux Time Manager front load washing machine is fully eqSAM_9951uipped with the latest features and technology that will allow home makers to do other chores and spend more time with their family.

A Load Sensor feature can be found in the Time Manager front load washing machine which acts like a built-in weighing scale that guides you to select the perfect cycle and detergent recommendation for your load, saving you time, energy and water.

SAM_9958Time Manager washing machines also help remove household allergens in clothes by up to 99.9% through its Vapour Action. Another unique feature available on the Time Manager washing machines is its Refresh Cycle. It relaxes the fibres and steams out the wrinkles in your clothes, helping it cut down on your ironing. The Electrolux Time Manager washing machine also comes equipped with an easy-to-use intuitive panel, IQ Touch™, that makes instructions and program settings even easier to follow.SAM_9969

According to Andrea Pionilla, Group Product Manager of Electrolux Philippines, “Customer satisfaction doesn’t end after the purchase of our Time Manager washing machines or any of our Electrolux products. Our goal is to help new and existing customers get the most of their investment by providing support activities before, during, and after purchasing an Electrolux appliance.”

As part of its commitment to our “Thinking of you” philosophy , Electrolux helps its customers get the most out of their products through their newly opened Customer Service Hub.The new CS Hub is a place where enthusiasts and newbies alike can choose and buy spare parts or consumables for their Electrolux and White-Westinghouse appliances.

SAM_9976“The new Electrolux Customer Service Hub is essentially a one stop facility that offers a wide variety of spare parts and accessories for small appliances, major appliances, and air conditioners, as well as a diverse range of consumable items,” explains Pionilla. “We offer items that you normally aren’t able to find in supermarkets or hardware stores.”

The Electrolux Customer Service Hub is located at the Grundfos Building, 5548 Osmena Highway, Brgy. San Isidro,  Makati City. The Customer Care team can also be reached through or 845-CARE (2273).

“With the Time Manager and the Customer Service Hub, Electrolux will be every mom’s partner in taking care of their families from the start until the end,” adds Pionilla.

SAM_9978SAM_9984Oh and feel free to comment or share your laundrywashing tips.  The best comment or tip gets a prize . . . An Electrolux Laundry Set! So send in your comments now before August 18 🙂


One thought on “My Rusty Laundrywashing Experience

  1. For me the best natural alternative to fabric softener is Vinegar. This means you can skip an expensive laudry product and use vinegar instead. Vinegar has an added benefit of helping to fully break down laundry detergent and its residue. Your clothes can actually be cleaner and softer when you add vinegar to the washing machine. Using vinegar will cause less detergent sensitive allergies for families that struggle with sensitive skin.

    How to use it just Add 1/2 cup of vinegar pag nakababad na yung clothes sa washing machine leave it there for 30 minutes then add soap . My tita naman pag natanggal na yung sabon ibabad nya yung damit sa tubig saka nya ihahalo ang 1/2 na vinegar then papaikutin sa washing machine it really does help to soften your laundry.

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