Organic Farming Key to Reduce Major Health Issues

Mission Green Possible

SAM_0230SAM_0003What an eye-opener my trip was to Benguet and Sagada as part of an organic farm tour. To say the least, I was disappointed to realize that greed would allow health of the public to be compromised by keeping the truth hidden. People may not realize the gravity of the situation as it is perhaps downplayed by the opposing party.  I am talking about the perpetuation of the use of pesticides in the farming industry resulting in inferior crops that contain a certain amount of chemicals being fed to the unsuspecting or trusting public. The victims in the end are not the farmers, but the consumers.  

SAM_0226The pesticides are slowly killing us with chemicals entering our blood stream little by little.  We may blame the migranes, skin diseases, diarrhea, nausea, diabetes or a non-healthy body to stress, pollution, exhaustion but maybe it is caused by the…

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