DeLITEful Magnolia Chicken Station Lite Now in SM Supermarkets

SAM_9711In response to the growing health and wellness movement in the country, Magnolia Chicken Station has recently launched Magnolia Chicken Station Lite (MCS LITE) – a healthier line of fresh chicken products from leaner and “healthier” chicken parts.

In a whole day  event held at the SM Mall of Asia last July 14, Magnolia Chicken hosted a program of activities to help people jumpstart a healthier lifestyle through:  Weliness Seminars, Free Nutrition Consultation, Healthy Cooking Demonstration, and Fun Games & Exciting Activities.  Host Ms. Angel Aquino and guest speaker: Llena Tan-Arcenas RND. MSN, RN, In-House Nutiritionist, San Miguel Pure Foods, discussed  topics to be embed in their minds the right daily amount of food intake and nutrition sources as well as work out routine suggestions under: 1) Embracing Good Nutrition, 2) Practice Food Safety.

The following were sponsors and booths who joined the DeLITEful Day event: Fitness First, YSA Botanica, Taylor Tyler, My Great Food Club, San Miguel Pure Foods, and the Magnolia Chicken Station raffle booth.

The current MCS Lite product line-up includes the high protein, less fat Magnolia Free Range Chicken, as well as lean, skinless breast cuts like breast fillet, chicken strips, chicken chunks, and lean ground chicken! The brand is also set to introduce a healthy cook-easy line, lean cuts lightly marinated in natural herb and fruit-based flavors that can be used for salads, pastas, and sandwiches.
The Magnolia Chicken Station, an innovative retail concept introduced in 2004, is Magnolia Chicken’s branded retail showcase located in the fresh sections of supermarkets.  Prior to the stations, fresh chilled chicken was usually available in wet markets while supermarkets carried mostly frozen chicken.

The stations allowed the consumers the freedom to buy fresh chicken either in bulk, by the piece or by 100 grams, and to choose specific cuts for themselves. Simply put, the Magnolia Chicken Stations gave consumers a choice to buy chicken in the way they would do so in the marketplace.

All Magnolia Chicken Station products are freshly-made in the outlets, ensuring customers that the products they purchase are guaranteed fresh, safe, and of premium quality- certified Alagang Magnolia. Apart from the available whole chicken and choice cuts, more customized cuts  such as fillets, deboned whole chicken, ground chicken, and other dish-specific chicken cuts (adobo, tinola, recado, menudo, etc.) are now conveniently available in the Magnolia Chicken Stations. In addition, its Cook-easy line-up, special, marinated cuts in a variety of flavors such as Chicken Teriyaki, Inasal, Korean BBQ, Breaded Chicken Fingers, and Savory Fried Chicken,  to name a few, are also popular choices among consumers.
Magnolia Chicken Station Lite is exclusively available in major SM Supermarkets, SM Savemore, and SM Hypermarket outlets nationwide.

For more information, you can visit their Facebook page at

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