Chillax at the Pismo Digital Lifestyle Hub

SAM_1113SAM_1118I’m sure that before you want to spend your hard earned money on a gadget, be it a smartphone or tablet, you would want to personally test it aside from reading reviews about it.  You want to see if it this gadget fits in your hand, in your bag, in your lifestyle.  All you will read about in reviews is how good or lousy that gadget is compared to the other competing brands.  But what you really want to kSAM_1154now is if it works for your way of life.  You want to know the tiniest details that won’t probably be mentioned in what you read like, are the keypads easy to use? is it bulky or heavy? Can you keep it in your pocket?  is it easy to hold?  what programs that I need can it work with?

Well consider PISMO your last chance to make a decision over whether to buy this brand or that as they have samples for you to test and play with for as long as you want.   They even have wi-fi so you can test its download abilities as well as check your email or facebook accounts while you chill.SAM_1160

Pismo, located at the East Wing of Shangri la Plaza in Mandaluyong , is intended to be a family chill out place where you can hang out with the family and  where you can find all kinds of gadgets and accessories that you can mull over for as long as you want before  buying.  It’s a cool concept store that helps you decide what gadget you really want without regrets, after all gadgets should not be an impulse buy SAM_1121with its high price tag.

For more info, check out their fb page and LIKE as well so you get regular updates too.



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