Wonderful Ones, Terrible Twos, then there’s Alaska NutriBuild for 3-4-5

SAM_1544SAM_1551The pre-school age can be such a joy as parents watch them all set to test their confidence with age-relevant milestones. Within this new environment, the children start learning how to do things on their own with simple achievements like tying up their shoe laces, buttoning up their uniforms or swinging from the bars in the school playground. It is also around this time that they start forging friendships with the people around them, theiSAM_1517r first few steps in discovering the world that lies before them.

SAM_1476This stage is also a cause for worry because of their mobility, curiosity, and impulsiveness.  Then there is also their mental and physical development.   The key element in reaching and achieving such milestones would, invariably, be proper nutritional management and parental support. Parents are the drivers of these achievements, with their endless strings of encouragement and their appreciative gestures when their children reach a certain milestone.SAM_1562

SAM_1507That’s why Alaska came up with a specially-formulated milk for pre-schoolers.  Launched along with a milk-feeding campaign happening from July through September, Alaska NutriBuild 345 shows its support for parents who are unsure if their little ones are getting enough nutrition. With Child Nutrition expert Tiffany Santuyo on hand to sustain the information drive, the stress will be on proper nutrition for children aged 3, 4 and 5, the ages at which children start discovering their talents to perform such achievements.  SAM_1523

SAM_1471One of the Daycare beneficiaries was in Gildel Child Development Center, Tondo where students and parents attended a short seminar about proper nutrition and proper  hygiene that lead to healthy,  happy children.

SAM_1521The role of proper nutrition is unquestionable to children’s development. Alaska supports parents to ensure that this aspect of their development is taken cared of, whileSAM_1588 children being children greet each day with carefree exuberance and self-assurance learning about their universe. This is the start of their journey to self-discovery – what it is they can do and what milestones they can achieve.

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