iGRAB.PH Opens Door to Great Bargains on Gadgets, Food, and Travel

SAM_9655SAM_9664What’s  iGrab?  A members-only, virtual shopping outlet for premium offers with incredible discounts for everyone. iGrab has had offers up to 90% off on the original price. Members can expect new deals regularly from a selection of offerings ranging from premium products to exotic travel destinations.

If iGrab guests want to avail of the offers on iGrab, they only need to apply for membership through a simple sign up process. Membership is free. Once they become members, they can choose any of the offers from gadgets, food, exclusive events, movie access, and even ship cruises.

SAM_9666NetDeals soft-launched iGrab at the beginning of October 2012. Since then iGrab’s membership has grown exponentially; as well as fans on Facebook (iGrabPhilippines).

The shopping site is divided into several categories namely: Catalogue, Cuisine, Destinations, Market, Access, and Enhance.


iGrab members are offered discounts on premium items. Since iGrab started, top-end gadgets such as the Samsung Galaxy S IV, Note II, as well as the Apple iPhone 5 and iPad mini were offered a few days after they were launched.

Aside from gadgets, iGrab also featured other products from premium brands such as Porsche Design, Jorg Gray, Glam Rock, Vespa, Adidas, Puma, MANGO, Guess and others; all offered at below retail prices.


Foodies can also avail of iGrab’s cuisine offerings. iGrab has had cuisine offerings from establishments in Resorts World Manila. The site has also partnered with restaurants around Metro Manila including Quiznos, Schmidt’s, and Uncle Cheffy.


Travellers have something to look forward to on iGrab as well. Offers to fine hotel establishments within Metro Manila such as Maxims and Remington have appeared on the site. Around the country, iGrab has offers to places such as Kamana, Hotel Elizabeth in Cebu and Baguio, Dos Palmas, and Fort Ilocandia. For International travels there were offers on packages to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Beijing, and Phuket. NetDeals has also partnered with Star Cruises to provide members cruise offers to destinations in the Asian region.


Think of iGrab’s Market Section as the Supermarket aisle of the site. This is where you find products you take home and consume. Products like liquor and spirits can be found here as well as food items like chocolates and other snacks.  Guylian Belgian chocolates, Villa del Conte, Pik Nik, Jose Cuervo, F Vodka, Jagermeister have all appeared on the site.


iGrab gives members access to events, activities, and shows all over the country. Members have been treated to discounts to clubs, yacht rides, limo rentals, and even fuel.

As the exclusive online partner of Resorts World Manila, iGrab offers discounts on the latest shows that are running at the Newport Performance Arts Theater. The site also has offered discounts to Resorts World’s gaming arcade, GameZoo. The Newport Cinema’s P80 Movie Deal was also offered on iGrab.


Because iGrab members deserve to be pampered, the site offers considerable discounts on notable health and beauty establishments. From hair care to spa treatments, members can avail of offers from iGrab’s enhancement partners such as Aramesh, Great Cuts Salon, and The List.

SAM_9660The iGrab Store

iGrab is the only local online shopping outlet that has its own physical store. The iGrab Store is located at the ground floor of the Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila, beside the mall entrance. This is where iGrab gets a chance to interact with its members.

The iGrab Store will act as the redemption center for items that have been bought through the site. It will also display items currently featured at the website as well as other special offers only available at the store. Members may browse the items before deciding on their purchase.

SAM_9686Virtual Storefronts

NetDeals has collaborated with a number of small businesses to be their online partner. This collaboration will allow these businesses to have a full online shopping presence. These partners will be able to use the iGrab website as a store front to sell their items. The iGrab Store will also be available to them as a place where iGrab members can redeem their items in one convenient and safe location.

SAM_9685About iGrab

iGrab is a virtual shopping  outlet by NetDeals, Inc. It offers hand-picked goods and services through online sale events exclusive to members. iGrab provides access to today’s top restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and designer brands, at special member prices. iGrab can be found online at www.igrab.ph. Visit and Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/iGrabPhilippines and follow us on Twitter at @iGrabPH.

NetDeals, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alliance Global Group, Inc.

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