GrabTaxi, Better Safe than Sorry

SAM_1429Vertical Green-01We have heard of many horror stories regarding taxis connected to  criminal activities such as hold up, kidnapping, rape and murder  as well as  everyday unfair practices such as not using the meter and asking for a fixed rate,  using “over-charging” or malfunctioning meters,  selecting passengers while refusing others,  broken airconditioners, gas-smelling, nauseating interiors, dirty, greasy seat covers and the like.

These problems may not be eradicated right away as it may take a lot of capital to address but for now, a group of young, concerned people are doing something about it.  Perhaps motivated by  similar negative experiences to the ones mentioned earlier, they came up with a win-win business concept where all parties will benefit without raising a huge amount of capital.  For an additional amount of P70 shouldered by the passenger, she pays for a safe, comfortable, convenient and expedient ride from her doorstep to her destination and vice versa.  Welcome to the Grabtaxi  lifestyle.

SAM_1433By downloading this free phone application from the google play or App  store, one can request for a taxi right away anytime and anywhere in Metro Manila, using her smartmobile.  Except in certain cases during rush hour and airport pick ups, one should not have a hard time hailing a cab in the rain or under the heat of the sun.  Right in the comforts of her home, office, friend’s place, or restaurant, she can indicate her name, location and mobile number  through her smart phone and immediately get a response from the driver together with his details:  his name, number, license plate, and time of pick up.

All you have to do is add a service fee of  P70 on top of the rate and you have a safe trip to your destination.  You can report bad drivers and lost items immediately as you  have their details and you have the company as your mediator.

SAM_1397 An added safety bonus,  you can post your exact whereabouts on your twitter or facebook page so your friends are informed.  The added P70 covers the expediency, convenience, company monitoring e, taxi driver incentive and overall peace of mind.  This system is also  a safety advantage for taxi drivers to avoid holdup situations and bad passengers.   They can also report badly-behaving passengers too.


GrabTaxi  is  a  subsidiary  of  MyTeksi,  the  first  in  ASEAN  to  use  smartphone  to  smartphone cloud‐based  technologies  for  taxi  booking  and  dispatch  and  one  of  the  fastest  growing  social start‐up companies.

GrabTaxi has developed an automated smartphone booking platform in 2 solutions.

For fleets that have existing call bookings, a smartphone will replace the driver’s existing CB radio as his primary   dispatch conduit.   GrabTaxi will then provide the fleet an operator system where its current taxi call bookings  will be inputted then blasted to only the available drivers closest to those specific booking requests.

For fleets without call bookings, drivers will also use smartphones as their dispatch tool. GrabTaxi will then market smartphone apps across the major platforms (i.e. iPhone & Android) that will enable passengers to directly book taxis around him with no need for an intermediary. Both solutions propose a more efficient means of taxi booking and dispatching because of the following main features that Grabtaxi boasts:

  1. Taxi bookings are only blasted out to drivers that are in the passenger’s 3km radius, therefore allowing faster pickups.
  2. The taxi booking job is flashed to the driver’s phone with important information such as pick up point,  drop off point, and even additional tips from the passenger.  He has the option to bid for the job with just a touch of a button.
  1. The algorithm for whoever wins the bidding is always the closest interested driver to the passengers, again allowing faster pickups.
  1. Once matched, both driver and passenger are given direct contacts to each other for better communication
  1. Passengers are able to see assigned driver’s location and important details such as name, plate number, photo, and phone number post-booking.
  1. GrabTaxi collects all relevant data in realtime a helpful tool for fleet owners and even for both drivers and  passengers.

For more information , visit their website or their FB page at GrabTaxiPH.

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