HP Printers Seizes a Family Day with a Colorful Trip to the Zoo

SAM_1309SAM_1192One early Saturday, Jado and I were invited to an  HP-sponsored  family-bonding event at Paradizoo, a zoo in Tagaytay.   Included in the program was a photo workshop with  professional photographer Christian Halili followed by contest  called “Seize the Day”.  Photos of animals, flowers, children, and almost anything that would represent “seizing the day” for the guests were submitted  for a chance to win a brand new HP Ink Advantage Printer .

SAM_1260The winning photo focused on three horses facing in different directions.  The whole exercise was to highlight the features, convenience, and  quality of using the HP Ink Advantage printers for the family.  The print apps provide users the ability to download educational content and install them in the printer for access via the ” HP scheduled delivery” feature set for a specific date and time.

SAM_1278Another fun feature is the HP mobile printing solutions,  HP ePrint, HP wireless direct, and HP Printer Control, wherein customers can print from virtually anywhere, anytime, and from the widest range of mobile devices.

SAM_1342For family activities, business marketing, home, travel, and other interest, print apps provide a wide range of downloadable printables like calendar templates, photo albums, coloring pages and signs, game pages, maps and even recipes.  Most of the applications are free of charge and may be accessed through the HP ePrint Center.  For more information, visit their website at www.hp.com.

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