Buying and Giving is Easy and Fun with SEGUNDA MANA by Caritas Manila

SAM_5524SAM_5602Sometimes when you hear of Catholicism under attack, like when priests are being bashed over sins of a few or leaders voicing out their strong opposition towards abortion or gay marriages, you wonder why do people make it their goal to humiliate the Catholics? Well, I can’t hide the fact that it bothers me, not because I am also Catholic but, because they have done a whole lot of good, more than the minor cases they are being accused of.SAM_5522

So they had a rocky past as Spanish colonizers, so there were a few number of priests who fell from grace, so they encourage believers to vote for what they believe in. The intention is really to help others follow the right path even if the majority will be against you or as the bible goes even if “the world will crucify you”.

You just have to understand that correcting or getting involved is something they are obligated to do. They can’t keep quiet if they see the “sheep” heading towards the wrong path. They will be held accountable for not reprimanding or trying to enlighten the masses. No matter how many critics they have, it doesn’t matter to them as long as they are doing what needs to be done. There is a higher boss they have to please and pacify, more worth their time and effort than arguing with the bickering critics.

SAM_5529They will continue to find ways to help the needy as this is their job, more accurately, this is their vocation. Enter CARITAS MANILA, a way to create funds to help the poor through donations from the more financially-blessed believers. And now SEGUNDA MANA makes helping easier because buyers get a good price for an item that they want or need while those who donate give away old items they don’t need or want anymore. It makes perfect sense. It’s a win-win proposition. Everyone is happy in this arrangement. So it’s your choice on how you want to help the church, you can buy or give, in both cases you are helping them reach out to those in need.

SAM_5510Donations could be new or old items, and old stocks or non-moving inventories from companies. Please be considerate to give old items that can still be used. To know more or request for pick up of donations, call 564-02-05 or 562-00-20 to 25 or log on to www.

If you can find it in your heart to see the good in everyone, whether Catholics or not, then in harmony we can help each other better. In truth, it is in everyone’s nature to want to help others, though at times misunderstood or given a malicious meaning. Just remember we are all human, and let’s leave it at that.



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