DIY Halloween Costume By Cartoon Network


No Costume yet for Halloween and no budget to buy one?  Why not make your own?  Here is a A Jolly Good Irregular Halloween Adventure DIY Costume by  Cartoon Network.  And if you have no halloween party to go to, well why not come over to the Irregular Halloween Adventure hosted by Cartoon Network this October 31 at SM Megamall.  The channel’s Adventure Time and Regular Show fans are sure to be there.


1 - Complete materialsHere’s a fun treat without much of the trick – a do-it-yourself Halloween mask in the form of Pops Maellard from Cartoon Network’s hit series, Regular Show! Your little one will surely enjoy this kooky and spooky Cartoon Network carnival with his own do-it-yourself costume! 

  • Styrofoam (circular shaped)

  • Illustration board (black)

  • Cartolina paper (pink)

  • Two (2) sheets tissue paper

  • Two (2) bunny tails (available at craft stores)

  • A Balloon stick

  • Black marker

  • A glue gun

  • Two (2) googly-eyes

1 23

Step 1: A circular head for a jolly body! Purchase or cut out Styrofoam in the form of a circle (preferably bigger than your kids’ head!) for Pop’s face. Next, cut out cartolina following the shape of the Styrofoam.

4 5 6Step 2: Getting Pops’ facial parts done! Glue one googly eye onto each bunny tail for his big eyes. Roll pink cartolina for Pop’s nose. And, of course, for his trademark moustache – get some tissue paper and scrunch it up as you wish for effect!

Step 3: Putting Pops’ face together! In these next steps, the glue gun is your best friend. What makes Pops goofy and kooky is that all his features are at the center of his face! Glue eyeballs, nose, and moustache to the center of his face for a quirky effect…and watch Pops come to life!

7 8 9Step 4: Draw on the pink parts of the cartolina to fill in Pops’ features! Make him smile because he’ll be happily skipping on over to the Irregular Halloween Adventure!

10Step 5: Use a balloon stick to hold Pops’ face up as a mask!

12 13Step 6: Don’t forget his top hat! With illustration board and a marker, draw and cut out a simple hat for the jolly good guy!

Step 7: Glue a short balloon stick onto the back of the hat and stick it on top of Pop’s face. It’s Pops indeed!14

Sweet tip: Have your kid dress up in black and white to complete the look!

Now you are all good and ready for Irregular Halloween Adventure! Bring the family for spooky surprises and fun treats this October 31st in SM Megamall Event Center!

Tune in to Cartoon Network’s Regular Show on the number one kids’ channel in the Philippines! It’s Pops, Mordecai and Rigby and the rest of the kooky gang on Mondays at 4:30 p.m.!


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