Alaska 3-4-5 Nutribuild Campaign Goes South

Alaska goes to the South to promote proper nutrition for children ages 3,4, and 5.  The event was held in Escuela de San Lorenzo in Sucat, Paranaque City where parents were given free seminars on proper nutrition for pre-schoolers and Alaska products for the kids. When the parents were interviewed, most said that they prioritized nutrition as an important step for their children to excel in academics as well as sports and extra curricular activities. Children within this age group presented lots of picky-eaters, kids who are difficult to feed so most parents had to double the milk intake for the kids.

With their busy daily chores and jobs, parents have a tendency to be laxed towards the kids proper nutrition so a constant reminder through this Alaska 345 Nutribuild Campaign is a good effort.

Alaska NutriBuild 345 is a specially-formulated milk for pre-schoolers that was launched with a milk-feeding campaign happening from July through September. Alaska NutriBuild 345 shows its support for parents who are unsure if their little ones are getting enough nutrition. 


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