Global Peace Festival 2013, Working Towards a Peaceful World

GPF for BlogSAM_5858Be a part of the upcoming Global Peace Festival that will be held in the Philippines this November 2013 and  help spread the message of peace to all.  There is so much we can do to help each other if we live in  harmony.  It may sound like a Miss Universe answer, an idealistic and unrealistic proposition,  but if you and everyone else start to  believe it can happen, then there is a stronger chance it will.  Everyone wants peace but the problem lies in miscommunication and personal greed.  The ongoing public clamor to  sift out the greedy ones is a step forward, then by attending events like these, we can clarify differences, exchange ideas and converge on a common visionl that will hopefully lead to peace.

SAM_5854The first goal of the Global Peace Foundation is to educate, particularly  the needy and those without access to school facilities.  One of their tangible and pro-environment solutions is provide solar lights to villages without electricity, that is what the ALLLIGHTS VILLAGE CAMPAIGN is all about.  This serves as a solution as well for overpopulation and productivity after the sun sets.  With the assistance of our Korean friends, several families were provided with a solar light for each one, but we also need a helping hand from financially capable Filipinos  as well.

Students are the future of the nation so they are the ones being invited to  actively participate in this endeavor for the sake of a better future for all.  A future where everyone is concerned for others, not only their personal needs.  A future where everyone works as a team for the good of all.

We need new blood with a new heart to run the world, and they will be coming from the student population of today.  Hope for a better future rests in their hands and perhaps the few leaders now who really care.


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