Minimize Unsightly Stretchmarks with Glyderm

SAM_4988Just when we thought there were no solutions to stretchmarks, that we had to accept the scars for life, along comes Glyderm. A cream product solution that promises the gradual reduction in visibility of the pink scars along the tummy and thigh areas from a month to three months usage depending on how many years the stretchmarks have been around.

As I sampled the product, I noticed that there was a slight difference after a month of usage. I am on my way to my second month and will continue until three months to see how big a difference the product has made on my skin. So far, the pink marks are still around but lessened in number and color, not so noticeable unless you were really looking for them. If I wore a two-piece swimsuit, I bet you wouldn’t notice them until I would point them out to you. I have to admit that they are still there if you look closely. But if I was walking around in the beach, and perhaps after a tan, my stretchmarks are almost invisible. And if the product was able to do that for you, then I guess that’s good enough keeping in mind the natural course of our skin’s ageing. Accept that total eradication of stretchmarks would be an impossible feat for any product. If no one notices then why should you be unhappy even if you know it is there.

I am still using the product so perhaps I could still expect more improvements but should there be no more changes, I am already satisfied with my results. Below is a more technical description of the product and its action.

Press Release:

There are many ways to mark the beginning of motherhood. Stretch marks, however, shouldn’t have to be one of them.

Stretch marks are known to appear mainly during pregnancy, but they may also occur during sudden weight gain or loss, or even during adolescence due to rapid growth and hormonal changes associated with puberty. Genetics also play a key role in a person’s susceptibility to getting stretch marks.

A matrix of collagen and elastin supports the dermis (the deeper layer of the skin) and epidermis (the skin’s outer layer), but gaps may form when the skin is stretched excessively, and it is these gaps of broken tissue that cause us to have those discolored streaks or striae that appear on the surface of our skin in pinkish, reddish-blue, or translucent white hues.

They may not be life-threatening, but they certainly can kill a person’s self-confidence. Especially in the case of new moms who look forward to getting their beach-ready figures back.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to treat stretch marks. Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream from France – home of the best beauty products in the world is now available in the Philippines and being marketed by A. Menarini, an Italian pharmaceutical company. Gly Derm is specially formulated to help rebuild collagen and regain elasticity to reduce the size and lessen the appearance of stretch marks. What sets it apart is its Tri-Derm Actives. Gly Derm offers a superior, clinically-proven solution that will neither require laser procedures, nor break the bank.

Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream’s non-greasy formula is also easy to use. Simply massage it into the affected areas of your skin twice a day. Initial results may be seen in as early as five weeks of continued use. Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream’s Tri-Derm Actives penetrate the gaps of broken tissue and improves the appearance of stretch marks, so that you can soon walk around with confidence just like you did before. This isn’t merely based on clinical proof but also it is also trusted by everyday women who have tried it!

One of them is actress/model/producer G Töngi. The mother of Sakura and Kenobi says, “I’ve started using Gly Derm and I’m looking forward to my skin’s continuous improvement”.

I’ve gone through three pregnancies, and I have worried about stretch marks,” actress and model Cheska Garcia-Kramer admits. Her children with husband Doug Kramer are Kendra (4 years old), Scarlett (1 year, 11 months), and Gavin (8 months) and she has been enjoying life as a wife and mom. “Gly Derm helped me get rid of those worries so I could focus on what matters most—being the best mom to my kids!”

Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream is now available in leading drug stores nationwide. For details, visit

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