John Ford Coley’s Warm Music and Words for Typhoon Victims

He may not be a familiar face to most but he definitely is a familiar voice.  Who hasn’t heard of his hit songs,  “I’ld Really Love to See You Tonight” or “Its Sad to Belong to Someone Else”?  I had a chance to chat with the legend John Ford Coley about his songs and what he liked about being in the Philippines.

So what’s the story behind these two legendary hits that hit the airwaves more than 25 years ago and became  classics  here in the Philippines?  Would you believe that the song, “Its Sad to Belong to Someone Else” which got me depressed in the past, was meant to be a funny song.   And the other hit “I’ld Really Love to See You Tonight” was an accident that almost wasn’t supposed to happen.  Well,  Let him tell you about it in the video below.

He mentions how he loves the Filipinos because they are always smiling among other things.   That should inspire us,  Pinoys, to keep on smiling and perhaps brighten someone’s day.  It has been said time and again our smiles was the top reason foreigners remember and like about this country so let’s keep showing our pearly whites, even if they are not complete.

The kind and warm Mr. John Ford Coley even has pushed for a benefit concert for the  Typhoon Yolanda victims.  Let him tell you more about this in the video below.

So for those who want to reminisce with his memorable hits, Come to his concert tomorrow, November 13 8pm at the Solaire Resort and Casino.

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