Kids Act Phil. Presents” MULAN ” NOV. 20-22 at St. Scholastica

Hua Mulan's Cast Villagers A kid’s play by kids, with music for kids.  Kids Act Philippines , a theater company that introduces young children to the experience of theater performance and viewing, presents its latest musical extravaganza, MULAN, on November 20-22 at t. Cecilia’s Hall at St. Scholastica’s College,  Manila.

Kids Act Philippines is more of an advocacy than a business. Founders Luigi Macario and Eugene Belbis pooled their talents and funds together to build a home that trains talented children who wish to pursue their dreams onstage.

A musician thru and thru, Eugene Belbis, has opted to focus his talents on developing music that appeals to children and their parents instead of pursuing the more lucrative commercial music business where lyrics can be carelessly strewn together, mindless of its influence on the impressionable youth. His musical training and background goes way back to childhood and he plays all kinds of instruments, so you can say he knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to music composition and development. He knows where to take his music and the effect it will have on the audience.

Not many are aware that he was part of the popular band, True Faith, who left a legacy of hits such as “Perfect”, “Huwag Nalang Kaya”, and “Muntik na Maabot ang Langit”. Fast forward, Eugene now plays a more behind-the-spotlight role of music director, arranger, composer for kids theater. You will hear him more than see him, and that is how he wants it.

Luigi Macario puts the words to Eugene’s music. The other half of the duo behind Kids Act Philippines, Luigi feels that he is more of an educator than anything else. His respect and love for children has motivated him to pursue the kids theater business to train and give importance to the often ignored sector of our society, the children. Not many are brave and patient to go this path as it may not be as financially rewarding as adult theater companies. Their main audience is children, and clearly children can’t buy their own tickets. The risks in this business is not as great apparently as their passion and determination to look after the children’s needs. Children love to watch other children, and someone has to keep this niche alive.

As a pre-X’mas offering to all schools, parents and children, Kids Acts Philippines proudly presents “ MULAN ” with script and lyrics by LUIGI NACARIO and music by EUGENE BELBIS.

The story of Mulan, a popular Chinese heroine, comes from an old Chinese folktale entitled “The Ballad of Mulan”. Originally a poem – Hua Mulan’s story has been adapted into a number of different versions over the years.

This version of Mulan’s tale, unlike the other popular versions, shows the perspective of her siblings. It also shows that her parents have given her their blessings to do what she must. Mulan will then take appropriate measures to prepare for battle. The story unfolds around her buying the necessary equipment she will need before setting out. It also exhibits the different seasons she goes through during the course of the war. When Mulan comes home, she amazes everyone with the fact that she is indeed a woman.

A story of family, sacrifice and courage rooted in the rich culture and tradition of China – the production of “ MULAN ” is certainly a treat that all families will enjoy.

The cast of “ MULAN ” features Gian Gloria, Mary Anne Plamenio, Agnes Sarreal, Ces Dela Cruz, Hyacinth Leonado, Angel Yu, Shanelle Comia, Zscharmaine Barretto, Derrick Gozos, Terence Guillermo, Jose Herrera, Noel Comia, Kendrick Ibasco, Rupert Alvarez, Michael Fernandez, Raul De Guzman, Dusty Suarez, VJ Parreno and Denzel Guiao.

SAM_6712The artistic team of MULAN is composed of Dusty Suarez & Luigi Nacario (Choreography); Eugene Belbis (Orchestration); Christian Bautista (Lighting Design); Darzzelly Jhoy Zapata (Stage Management); Manuel Edralin (Set Design); Luigi Nacario (Costume Design) and Ed Aguilar Nicart III & Occasional Bliss Photography (Photography).

Playdates: NOVEMBER 20 (Wednesday), 21 (Thursday) and 22 (Friday), 2013.

Time: 10:00AM & 2:00PM

Venue: ST. CECILIA’S HALL, St. Scholastica’s College, Manila City

Ticket Price: Php 400

For further inquiries, please call 7501551 / 09154478959

Or visit Facebook page –

Follow us on Tweeter –

Istagram: @kidsactsphilippines


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