Light Up, Cool Off, Stay Heated with Meralco The Smart Way

Energy Efficiency and Safety Tips at Home_page22_image102By this time, you may have heard that electricity rates will go up so it’s time to get smart and creative. Due to unavoidable circumstances with the repair and upkeep of the Malampaya plant, Meralco’s pro-environment main supplier, the company has to source its power from other sources to fill the huge demand which, in turn, will mean a higher price tag for the consumers. So to maintain cost within you budget without major compromise, Meralco  presents practical tips to conserve your use of electricity. Most of us may already be aware of these but simply forget to apply.  Maybe  it is high time to take note and be conscious of these habits for the good of all.Energy Efficiency and Safety Tips at Home_page22_image29

  1. Unplug appliances when not in use. Stand by mode still sucks up energy.
  2. Use a power board as it allows ease of shutting down multiple appliances with one switch.
  1. Switch off lights when not in use. Use natural light whenever possible
  2. Switch all your incandescent bulbs to compact flourescent or LED bulbs for at least 75% savings
  3. Set thermostat of Aircon to a comfortable temperature level for more savings, as one degree up amounts to 5% increase in total operating cost.
  4. Reduce your aircon’s operating time by using a timer.
  5. When purchasing an aircon unit, opt for the one with a higher energy efficient ratio (EER). The higher the EER, the lower the consumption. Old aircons vs. new aircons will save you 30% in cost of energy consumption.
  6. Use solar screens for window glass panels or seal cracks and openings.
  7. Opt for front-load washing machines as these are more efficient than top-load washing machines.
  8. Make it a habit to sort clothes for efficient energy usage of washing machines.
  9. During sunny days, opt for clothesline drying instead of your washing machine’s dryer.
  10. When purchasing refs, opt for the highest energy efficient factor (EEF) as they are more efficient and costs less.
  11. Do not overload outlets, avoid octopus connections. Etension chords should be temporary solutions.
  12. Call on an electrician for discolored outlets, blowing fuses, and flickering lights.
  13. Regularly clean aircon filters.
  14. Appliances should never be used near water.
  15. Clean lamps for better lighting, screw in bulbs tightly to avoid sparks.
  16. Avoid unnecessary opening of ref doors, make sure they shut properly. Don’t make frost reach ¼ inch thick, defrost right away.
  17. Opt for LED lights for your Christmas tree as they use 33% less electricity.
  18. Set a timer to switch off Christmas lights so it won’t stay on all night. Consider reducing wattage of bulbs from 10W to 7W to save as much as 30% in consumption.

Energy Efficiency and Safety Tips at Home_page22_image54Be smart, with cool heads, enlightened minds, and warm bodies in your life’s journey with Meralco as the company goes through some difficulties. Take these tips as Meralco’s way of saying that they care for your comforts in all way possible, including your bills.


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