National Geographic Launches Pedigree University with Classes at BGC

SAM_6826All breeds, size, shape, and hairiness of dogs were present during the class activities of Pedigree University held at the Fort. The fun dog-bonding activities were hosted by National Geographic channel and Pedigree last November 24. Kabang, celebrity dog hero, along with human celebrities, attended the event which included a dog spa, obedience classes, PE classes, and a final graduation ceremony by late afternoon. Prior to the graduation ceremony, media had a chance to interview Dog specialist, Dr. Lani Acero, and Fox Philippines CEO Jude Turcuato on dog issues that included dog hygene practices, training, as well as animal abuse protection. The informative gathering, inadvertedly became a step towards better treatment of dogs and animals in the country through social media watch and enforcement of the criminal liability of dog abusers. This initial step established a point person to contact when an abuse was witnessed so police enforcement can pursue the matter. There must be a minimum of a photo evidence to begin the arrest process.

Hope for the animals lie in the hands of concerned citizens who can report the matter immediately to the right people before it is too late for the animal. Should you encounter an animal abuse incident, please take a photo and post it in your facebook page and tag Jun Lazarte, head of PAWS and Committee on Animal Welfare.

Dog-loving blogger, Stanley Briz, requested that Cesar Milan, of Dog Whisperer fame, be invited to visit the country. Mr. Turcuato responded that he was open to the idea should Cesar Milan be agreeable to visit the country. Pedigree University was a highly informative major event for dog owners, and entertaining for the rest as they witnessed dogs from all walks and breeds of life graduate in flying colors.

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