The SM Bicutan Forget-Your-Diet Food Galore Experience

SAM_8176Lucky me! When I got invited for Food Tasting at SM Bicutan, there wer no second thoughts about it. I said YES in an instant. Aside from the fact that I live just a hop, skip and jump away, I was curious about what great restaurants where available in SM Bicutan and if they were worthy of attention. Because I usually attend events and activities in Makati, Manila or Ortigas area, I never got the chance to explore places in my neighborhood. So now I had the chance. Yippee!

Well, it was quite an experience eating half a day, jumping from one resto to another savoring feasts six times over. Six restos serving us their bests, not holding back, was not too easy on our stomachs but boy did we enjoy every bite of it.

SAM_8012We first landed at Silom Thai Cuisine where I couldn’t help myself as I consumed more than I should. I have to admit I am partial to Southeast Asian cuisine like Thai, Korean, Malaysian, and Vietnamese. All the dishes were a hit in my book from the coconut soup starter to the sticky rice and mango dessert, and every spicy, sweet, savory dishes in between like their fresh lumpia, fried rice, vegetable thai curry and spicy pla pla. All were stars of the meal, even the Thai-Fillipino fusion of their crispy pata was no exception. They all got my attention.

SAM_8067Then we proceeded to Classic Savory where they served us their set meal good for 6-8 worth P2,795. Included in the menu were their famous fried chicken, pancit canton, sweet sour fish fillet, beef stir fry with broccoli, and fried rice. I seem to have fixated on the pancit canton which lived up to its savory name. The crab and corn soup was a fittting starter, with the beef with broccoli complimenting the powerful flavor of the sweet and sour fish fillet. I just consumed bite-sizes as my stomach was filling up and knowing that I was going to four other restaurants yet.

SAM_8069Pizza and Pasta were next in line as we visited the green, red and white themed Gotti Ristorante, the flagship branch which opened seven years ago in SM Bicutan. Now they have expanded to branches in SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia. This mobster hangout-originated place offers pasta and pizza that the godfather would kill for. Magnifico! Their garlic shrimp pasta, mare de fruiti pasta, four-cheese pizza and Four seasons pizza would make you feela-lika-speaking with an Italian accent. Capisce?! Enjoy your meal or we give you cement shoes.

SAM_8107Next stop, Philippines. Gerry’s Grill is one of the restos most Filipinos would recommend to foreigners who want a taste of Filipino dishes and lifestyle. Grilling barbecue, pork, fish, squid is a common friday night activity with the gang or barkada after work, along with karaoke singing. One would see grilling in every corner of the city beside the basketball hoops and karaoke bars. If foreigners want a taste of Filipino food and culture, Gerry’s Grill is one of the places to go too. Great food minus the noisy karaoke and dusty streets. Love them all, from the classics such as grilled squid, garlic fried rice, grilled liempo, sisig to their new offerings such as spicy sashimi, egg ensalada, oriental garlic seafood, fruit platter, ginataang halo-halo, and toasted ice cream. You may want to try their economical group meal for 4-5 pax with a price range of P1,200-1,400 which includes 4 dishes , 1 rice platter, and your own iced tea dispenser.

SAM_8129Another Filipino classic, a dish turned into a restaurant franchise with its variations in the menu is the name of the next stop. Adobo Connection, from the name of a very Filipino dish of Adobo, offers Adobo in variations that include coconut milk, cheese, spice among others. I was intrigued with the Adobo sa gata (coconut milk) and find it to be more filling than the regular adobo. If you are an adobo lover, you will love this place. You can never have enough of adobo.

SAM_8156So you can imagine that we were almost full to the brim as we proceeded to our final stop. Yes, some of us were already whining, “please no more”. Okay, okay, that was mostly me. But who would say “no” to an Angus Beef Burger by French Baker. Right after I ordered their miracle coffee drink with a brownie bar that suddenly made me feel better from consequences of being the glutton that I have become that day. So after sucking my fingers from the yummy mango crepe dessert after the meal, I was ready to call it a night.

But since the group had a wonderful time hanging out together in SM Bicutan, we didn’t want the night to end just yet. So I joined the gang for a round of margaritas, chicken skin, and sisig back at Gerry’s Grill, the popular after-work hang out of most corporate pinoys. And nope, not a word about cholesterol right now, please. Cheers to SM Bicutan!

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