Julia Fordham’s Concert of Love on February 14 Aims to Lift Yolanda’s Depressed


Julia Fordham’s music dominated the airwaves in the 90s with songs that hit the heart and made us stop to think.  Invisible Wars, Love Moves in Mysterious ways, and Girlfriend are just some of the songs that linger with you even as the years go by.  Her soothing,memorable voice sets you in a mellow, meditative mood with songs that you want to listen to alone especially after a heartbreaking experience.  I would best describe her music as consoling and the best companion when you feel down.  

After knowing all her music in the years past, we had a chance to get to know the singer/songwriter personally as she visited the country for a benefit concert.  With the introduction made by one of the country’s top fashion designer, Jeannie Goulbourn, we all learned of  her generous nature as Julia responded immediately to an invitation for a benefit concert. She will be having two concerts to help with the Yolanda survivors and with the Natasha Foundation that provides help for the depressed/suicidal individuals especially for the Yolanda survivors who have difficulty coping with the loss of their loved one . Her Valentines Concert will be held at the Solaire Resort and Casiino Hotel.SAM_8398

This concert was a brilliant concept in timing with the love day and with the purpose of helping the heavily depressed caused by Yolanda’s wrath. The soothing voice and love messages of Julia Fordham’s music may just be the cure for hope and more help. And maybe give that one person a moment that will stop him or her from taking his own life.

Listen to our intimate conversation as I asked her about how she gets inspired to create such touching and beautiful music, future plans and who are the new, upcoming musicians that she admires.  See for yourself what a very pleasant, funny and kind woman she truly is beyond the stage.

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