For the love of Italian food and family, Go and try Italianni’s New Love Offerings

Starting February 11, there are new additions to the already sumptuous Italianni’s Menu.  Try their new healthy drinks, organic salads, savory dips, pasta greats, and a fusion of pizza flavors.

And a new branch at Shangri-la Plaza in Ortigas.  Here at the new East wing of Shangri-la Plaza, we tried the new dishes in a new venue.   Personally, I loved the selection of healthy beverage concoctions made from healthy fruits vegetables such as the papaya shake and the cucumber shake.  The fresh salad selections were the next thing that made me smile about the menu.  The crispy greens with their natural flavors beneath the dressing and healthy fruit toppings put Itallianni’s at the top my restaurant list.

You can never go wrong when you bring a date or family to celebrate any occasion to this popular food establishment. On top of you favorites, come a new set of  dishes that will also be a favorite eventually.

We all know that Italianni’s uses  quality ingredients in all their dishes, now they have organic dishes as options for the growing health-conscious crowd.  They get their salad greens from an established organic source, the Costales farm.  So now, you have the option to start going organic and still enjoy the flavors that you grew up loving.

Whether you come and celebrate with your family, or take your special someone on a romantic date,  you won’t regret bringing them to Italianni’s.


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