Summer Workshop Now Open For McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Starting March 24

SAM_9846Suummer time once again, which means time again for parents to find activities to keep their kids busy so they don’t mess up the house while you are gone. Why not make them feel useful or make them feel like they are “working” hard like their parents by making them a part of McDonald’s Kidde Crew. They get to learn serving, cleaning, develop the team spirit, and meet new people.

Applications now open, and with just a minimal fee, the children have 5 days of fun learning experience plus some goodies at the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop.

SAM_9850Now on its 22nd year, Kiddie Crew Workshop is back for 6-12 year old kids to enjoy summer activities, the McDonald’s way. Participants will get the limited-edition Kiddie Crew Workshop shirt, bag, ID lace together with artwork materials, their very own set of badges every after activity and meals for all workshop days for just Php595. More than the exciting Kiddie Crew goodies, kids will also get a chance to make new friends over the summer vacation.

SAM_9808Last year, close to 40,000 kids all over Philippines enjoyed the 5-day workshop with its several activities such as burger-making, design-your- apron activity, singing and dancing sessions plus the fun restaurant on-floor training like Drive-Thru and front counter activities that help develop their skills and also instill important values such as hard work, discipline and teamwork. This year, new activities such as jazz-up-your-own-hat, talent workshop and the new value formation topic on sharing will surely help develop your kids’ skills and values.

SAM_9824A series of grand graduation will be held in key cities to congratulate all Kidde Crew members in the country and lots of activities are in-store not just for the Kiddie Crew members but for the whole family, too! The fun definitely doesn’t stop there because all Kiddie Crew graduates will receive McCelebrations Gift Certificate worth Php500 that they can use anytime this year and they have freebies to enjoy too with their Kiddie Crew Club Card.

SAM_9853So what are you waiting for? Let your kids have the most memorable summer experience, the McDonald’s way! Registration is now open in participating McDonald’s stores nationwide and the workshop will run until April 30. Sign them up for the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop today!

For more information and the complete list of participating stores, visit

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