Gary V. and Jamie Rivera Join PEARL Talents Celebrate Life and Music

Despite the sufferings they are going through, you wouldn’t even think of it as you watch them perform great music with such joy and enthusiasm along with the big named celebrities such as Gary V. and Jamie Rivera.  It’s bad enough that these patients of Psoriasis, Arthritis, and Lupus are going through such great physical pain quietly, but to ostracize them and set them apart from society is beyond mean and callous.  According to the doctors, it is the depression and loss of hope for a better life is what gets them to deteriorate faster.

The whole idea of PEARL and its projects is to create public awareness of their plight and to help integrate them back into society.  Though they have physical challenges it doesn’t mean that they can’t  work and  function well in a corporate setting.  They don’t want to be an added burden to their family so they  hope employers would consider them as potential hires, explore how they can contribute to the company.

See their performance Pearl, The Patient, The Artist Musicale at Glorietta Activity Center last March 15 in the videos below.

For more information about PEARL and their projects, viist and

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