Anime at its Best, Hunter X Hunter at SM CineXclusive Begins April 19

Experience the magic of Anime on the big screen at SM Cinexclusive starting April 19. Anime lovers, young and old, will not want to miss Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission.  For those new to anime, this film will blow you away with its great art direction and engaging story.  Enjoy a family-bonding moment with this movie that will surely get your youngsters hooked.  With popcorn and soda in hand,  your child will surely enjoy this movie experience.

Watching Movies is one of Filipinos’ favorite past times but nowadays cinema goers look for the total package. Movie buffs are not just after good titles but also hassle-free access to movie schedule and purchase of tickets, cutting-edge movie exhibition through digital technology and tasting of all-time favorite comfort food in theaters. This is what SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. is bringing to the public, the complete cinema experience that every Filipino will enjoy.
SM Cinema through its CineXclusive program, the exclusive screening of films at the digital theaters of SM Cinemas nationwide, is showing the much anticipated anime movie of the year, “Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission” this April 19.  This SM Cinema CinExclusive  is about the strongest Hunters that once existed in the Hunter Association. The hunters were split into “light” and “dark”, and each walked down their respective paths.
Movie goers can now check cinema schedule easily by simply dialing the hotline number, (02) 470-2222. This hotline number can be used for movie concerns and ticket purchases. Tickets, from movies to concerts, can also be easily purchased at SM Tickets, the only ticketing agency with booths available nationwide!
Lastly, watching movies won’t be complete without movie goers’ favorite comfort food at the cinema! This is where Snack Time comes in. Snack Time offers a wide variety of food, from snacks such as popcorn, burgers, sandwiches, corndogs, drinks and candies to healthy gourmet meals fit for movie goers’ lifestyle.
Now, Snack Time is offering the Ticket-Snack combo promo. By simply buying ticket and ordering food at the ticket booth, the snacks will be readily available for claiming at the Snack Time Ticket-Snack combo counter. No need to wait for long lines anymore. Snack Time makes it fast and easy for customers!
To know more about SM Tickets, SM Cinema CinExclusive and its promos, visit the following websites:, and


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