Scribe Opens New Doors To Revive the Art of Penmanship

Scribe_Shangrila 3scribe3The Digital Age has almost eradicated the art of penmanship and calligraphy. Tapping away in laptops and tablets has become the norm, discarded the art of handwritten letters. Now there is a store that encourages and highlights the beauty of hand writing.
Scribe Writing Essentials, which opened its flagship branch at the new East Wing of EDSA Shangri-la Plaza Mall last March 4, is a store where one can find traditional reading and writing products. What started as a hobby of collecting stationaries and cute knick knacks in college became a bazaar project and eventually a big business.
Scribe Store Shoot“I always believed that you should do what you love. That is why it was only fitting that I made a business out of specialty reading and writing products which I’ve loved ever since I was a kid.” Owner Marian Yu‐Ong and her sister-in-law began the business selling specialty items in bazaars during Christmas. When people started asking where they can find their items after the bazaar season was over, they realized there was a huge demand for their products. They then got into distribution and started supplying the big bookstores and specialty stores with imported reading and writing products from the US, Europe and Asia until they opened their very first store 8 years later in Eastwood Mall 2009. Fast forward to 2014, there are now 5 branches of SCRIBE Writing Essentials located Eastwood Mall, SM Aura Premier, SM Megamall Fashion Hall, and Glorietta.
Scribe_SM mega-3994Scribe has been in the trading business since 2002. Due to the huge success of its products, Scribe was inspired to grow its selection and it now has more than 15 brands in its portfolio. It has been particularly successful in the fine writing and calligraphy business as evidenced by being the exclusive distributor of some of the world’s most premium and sought-after fine writing and calligraphy brands such as Pelikan, Sailor, Platinum, TWSBI, J. Herbin, Brause and Speedball. And most recently, Cross and Lamy also joined the roster of fine writing pens available in Scribe.
Scribe_SM aura-4376The store also started developing its own in-house products under the SCRIBE brand to cater to the mid and lower-end markets but without compromising the quality of its items. The store is a one-stop gift and paper specialty store. The vision was for it to be a place where customers can find unique and inspiring gifts for a special friend, family or oneself.
Scribe_Glorietta 5-4435“We also have unique services such as the customizing of seals which is as far as I know, is only offered by us and a gift wrapping bar with a wide selection of imported papers and cards to compliment your purchase or gift for any occasion.” adds Ong.
???????????????????????????????Ong also wants Scribe to be more involved in the community by supporting educational campaigns, conducting art and writing workshops and by helping those in need. Recently, Scribe teamed up with world renowned Korean opera superstar SUMI JO in her February 1concert in Manila. Proceeds of the concert were donated to the victims of typhoon Yolanda through UNESCO.
The Scribe Ambassadors, Fozzy Dayrit, Leigh Reyes and Architect Michael Manalo, are three of their loyal clients who became good friends of the brand.

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