Rainbow Loom, The Next Big Thing after Friendship Bands

loom craze2I didn’t realize how popular loom crafting is until I attended a loom craft session at SM Bicutan last May 23 and realized just how engrossed kids were in doing this.  Oh, and adults as well.  Women . . . and Men!

Seems simple and easy to learn, but it’s for people who have that extra time and patience.  How one craft can have such phenomenal attention over another one,  I will never know.  It’ s basically about looping bands over each other, and just repeating that pattern until you have a length long enough to wind around your wrist and finger.  Perhaps what makes it interesting is the creativity with color variations and looping methods.  I think there’s a fishtail, inverted fishtail, and a dragon weave variations, . . .  I think those were the terms.  Admittedly, I had a hard time following instructions so I left it to my 6-year old daughter to take over.  I was impressed with the finished products because of the colors and designs.

Thanks to SM Bicutan and @ilovehues for a loom starter kit and educating me on how it’s done 🙂



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