McDo Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014

SAM_1811SAM_1820And thus wraps up another memorable McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Summer. Friendships made, values of discipline, hardwork, teamwork, and sharing strengthened, all culminating in a grand get-together of all Kiddie crew members from all branches.  Fun games greeted the excited Kiddie crew members and their parents as they entered the World Trade Center with huge McDonald’s emblems at the entrance.  Fun, bouncy slides and play pens, video games, face painting, and many more entertained the children before the the main program.  As the show was about to start, lights closed in preparation for an attention-grabbing aerial number. The Chief Happiness Officer, Ronald McDonald was summmoned with the “M” signal in the sky. He entered dancing to the upbeat, catchy song aptly titled “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

SAM_1802The show’s hosts were Ms. Jackielou Blanco and Atom Araullo who talked about heros around us which included teachers, firemen, doctors and engineers.  Each of these heros represented the special values mentioned earllier that is critical as well to their duties: we learn discipline from teachers, teamwork from firemen, hardwork from doctors, and sharing from engineers.  The program included having the kids dance to their choreographed “The Ronald” dance.  As the show was coming to a close, the children recited a little commitment speech, and just like the  usual graduation ceremony, the children sang the “graduation” song and threw their caps in the air.  Though it was a “fun” graduation, there was still a tinge of emotion felt when the kids were singing the McDonald Kiddie Crew graduSAM_1821ation song to the time they threw their caps in the air.  For those who missed this summer with McDonald’s, there is still the next summer and the summer after that until the kids outgrow the kiddie crew fun.


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